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Street View Story

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Dig through Google Maps Street View to find an interesting setting for your story. Let your imagination go wild and tell the story of what occurred in that space. Bonus points for using Google Earth to create a virtual tour with multiple settings for your story and narrating it yourself.

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Street View Story (3 Stars)


For this visual assignment, I did another “try random one” and came across the “Street View Story” assignment. Being an English major, I was more than excited to find an assignment that incorporates visual as well as textual elements. The photo is of Ponte Cavour, Rome, Lazio, Italy. Here …

Visual Assignment – Street View Story

For my new assignment, I decided to try out the Street View Story inwhich I found a location using Google Maps Street View and then make up a story in regards to it. I decided to check out the Roman Colosseum and noticed a man in the entrance. He looked…

Roppongi Street View Story: ds106

The name of this ds106 assignment is called “Street View Story.” The purpose of this assignment is to use Google Maps or Google Earth to find a street view picture of a place you have been to, then to explain the significance of the picture. So for assignment I grabbed a…

When In Rome: A Street View Story

I had been playing around with the idea of using a combination of Google Street View and sound effects from the project for awhile now. Today’s news that Google now has Street View inside of famous landmarks is all the prodding I needed to start playing. My recommendation is…

Street View Story: Barney Rubbles Troubles

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The year is 2525. The prime minister of England was planned to make an important announcement on national television. Barney Rubble and the rest of his fellow Englanders were waiting anxiously for the Prime ministers announcement. Barney worked as a caretaker of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.…

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