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The @IamTalkyTina Headswap

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Submitted by: @todd_conaway

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Take Tina's head and place it on another person or animal or fictional character or something. The original idea was to swap a babies head (now I ain't saying Tina is a baby) and a dolls head. So like you could find an image of a baby and a doll and put the dolls head on the baby and the babies head on the doll. Just search "Talky Tina" on the web and stick her head on something else. 

I did not really follow the hinted directions in the tweets that wanted to create the #dailycreate that I thought was going to be an assignment. So I put Tina's head on Godzilla. That seemed appropriate. 

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Submissions So Far

007 – Talky Tina

Since I could not relate this particular assignment to my secret agent so I dedicated this one to our theme. The project was to get a picture of Talky Tina’s head, which required a lot of editing. Talky Tina, for those of you that do not know, it a talking …

Hey Talky Tina

For this assignment I used an app on my phone called cut me in.  I screen shot a picture of Talky Tina on my phone and cropped it a little. I then uploaded Talky Tina’s head into the picture and edited around the edges a little more. I sent the …

The @IamTalkyTina Headswap

It looks like Talking Tina has been etched into history and is now a part of our national park system.

This assignment is from the ds106 assignment bank and is worth 2.5 stars. It was not that hard to do,  I just cropped Tina’s head and added it to Mount …

Talky Tina Head Swap

For this mashup assignment I had to put Talky Tina’s head on something else. I decided to go with a popular meme:

This assignment was tough because I didn’t know what I wanted to put Talky Tina’s head on. I asked my roommates and they pointed me towards memes and …

Creepy Dorthey

For my last MashUp Assignment I chose the I @IamTalkyTina Headswap (2 stars). It caught my eye because its such a weird assignment, but I kept thinking of all the things you could put Tina’s creepy head on. Here’s my submission:

I decided to put Tina’s head on Dorthey …

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@IamTalkyTina Headswap Tutorial

The Mashup assignment for @Iam TalkyTina Headswap can be executed in several ways. The one which can be used through ease is with the use of the link FaceinHole.

After downloading a picture of the TalkyTina image that you prefer and the character that you will place her head …