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The Tate’s 1840’s GIF Party

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Submitted by: CogDog

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"The 1840s GIFParty invites you to transform artworks from the 1840s room at Tate Britain into animated GIFs." That's tight, you have right to take a piece of museum art work, animate it as a GIF, and submit it back to the Tate. Tag your work for ds106 and share it with the museum.

"Submit your  GIF to us via the  Tate Collectives Tumblr or by emailing:" -- doing so before February 2, 2014 enters your GIF for potential museum exhibition, learn more...

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Submissions So Far

GIFing with Jean-Claude

“Oh Sheep! This is gonna look bad.” – The directors cut.   (Created by Rochelle Lockridge  for the JCVD #GIFFight)

My latest round of creativity induced OCD started with a new GIFFight challenge from Michael B Smith (@mbransons)

New #GIFFIGHT!!! #JCVD style. @ryanseslow @abelincolnjr @generalhowe @twoodwar @johnjohnston

My Tate Collection

You will need to click on the thumbs to see the action.
A few gifs for the 1840s GIF party: call for submissions | Tate. I’ve already posted them on Tumblr, but thought I’d add them here. See the previous post for more details.…

Picard’s Heart of Oak GIF Variation of Rehearsing the Service

1870 Rehearsing the Service: Picard Variation” animated GIF by aforgrave

The more I worked on the Tate Gallery 1840 GIF Party submission  “No dona eis requiem” GIF, the more I kept seeing the piano-playing priest as Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation — the likeness is pretty …

No dona eis requiem: Another 1840 Tate Gallery GIF Party Submission

“1870 Rehearsing the Service: No dona eis Requiem” animated GIF by aforgrave

The original image is “Rehearsing the Service” from 1870 by Alphonse Legros, and is one of the images open for interpretation in the Tate Britain “1840s GIF Party: Call for Submissions.

I had to wrap …

Just Bloody fun: 1840s GIF Party

Everyone loves a good 1840s GIF party.

There’s an amazing collection of them growing as part of this DS106 assignment, at the GIFfight Tumblr, many by the CogDog himself.

I chose to GIF up this Oil paint on canvas Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth (1889) by …

Forever Changed: The 1840?s Tate GIF Party Submission

“1858 Past and Present: Forever Changed” animated GIF by aforgrave

I’ve been intrigued by the Tate Gallery’s 1840s GIF Party and have been looking to find the time to dive in and see what I might come up with. Any invitation to create a GIF is worthy of a response …

Ancestors Found in the Tate Gallery

Portrait of Sidney Wells and Older Sister Silent Tatiana Wells” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, you know that I am not one to talky about myself all the time. Because I am humble and stealthy like a ninja and a television star, and all.

But did you know that I …

But is Gif Art?

I’ve come across a couple of interesting projects this week involving animated gifs.
1840s GIF party: call for submissions | Tate and
The GIF the Portrait Project.

So far I’ve giffed a few images from the the Take 1840 exhibition. I then to find animating gifs as an end …

Museum Remixes

After seeing Alan’s post . . .

This is a response to the Tate’s call for their 1840s GIF party — they have made images available from selected pieces of art from their 1840s room and inviting anyone to remix as a GIF.

That is such a good idea I

GIFfing it Like it Was 1872

Click the little kicker to see her kick bigger

Don’t Rage around Miss Cicely Alexander! This is a response to the Tate’s call for their 1840s GIF party — they have made images available from selected pieces of art from their 1840s room and inviting anyone to remix as a …

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