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3D Anaglyph-A-GIF

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Submitted by: Andrew Forgrave

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Combine your love of creating GIFs with your love of creating 3D Anaglyphs. Create a 3D Anaglyph-A-GIF! Like an exemplary animated GIF, your Art will celebrate a still image that just cries out to move in GIF form. And like any great piece of 3D, your Art will have have depth and reach out and "grab" the viewer with thrill and gusto! Design with red/cyan viewing glasses in mind. 

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Submissions So Far

That Number 2 In 3D for Prisoner106

“Number 2 in 3D” Anaglyph-a-GIF by @aforgrave

I was quite taken aback with the introductory video for the #Prisoner106 Week One: Assimilation Week. That getup of that Number 2 (@ds106Number2, on Twitter) was wearing and the odd behaviour Number 2 was displaying jumped right out of the …

John Gets His 3D Glasses On!

“John Gets His 3D Glasses On!” animated Anaglyph-a-GIF by @aforgrave, based on a photo by @johnjohnston

John‘s (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) new 3D red/cyan anaglyph glasses arrived today, and he immediately shared the news on Twitter.

With John’s kind permission, I have taken his shared image and turned it …

Depth of a Field with Skeleton

Now that the Anaglyph-A-GIF has been a little more clearly defined, I’ve decided to add it (along with the simpler, static 3D Anaglyph to the ds106 Assignment Bank.

I did a search for anaglyph and 3D, and didn’t really turn anything up that is similar aside from Bill Genereux’s …

A Newly Improved Boo

REVISED version of “Boo” animated Anaglyph-A-GIF by @aforgrave, based on p8 from Geo. Wither’s Emblemes (1635)


In revisiting the “George Wither, page 8, ‘Boo’“ GIF in order to update the misspelling in the “view with Cyan-Magenta 3D glasses” text, I have uncovered another issue and made another …

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Tutorials So Far

Anaglyph Tutorial, Part 2 – Separating the Foreground and the Background

Think Before You Act. Save and Save and Save.

As you start to work with your image, please bear in mind that you should always work on a new duplicate layer each time move ahead in the process. Although Photoshop can be considerably forgiving with the wonderful Edit>>Step Backward, it …

Anaglyph Tutorial, Part 1: Selecting the Image

Before You Start

You will be well served to have on hand a pair of red/cyan (or red/blue) 3D glasses so that you can view the images in the Tutorial and so you can test your images when they are done. I have also found that it can be quite …