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People write game reviews for a living - now it's your turn! Write a review of a game, any game - it can be a Triple-A title or something that you played once and never again just because it was so bad. The challenge comes with other requirements:

1) There are four categories that you should focus on (there can be others of your own design, these are the core): Gameplay, Plot, Music, and Graphics.
2) Judge each of these individually on a scale of one to ten, ten being amazing, and justify in-depth why you gave each score.
3) This is extremely subjective, so the game you review MUST be one you have played. 

To commenters: If someone doesn't like your favorite game, please don't flame the reviewer. This is supposed to be for academics, and meant as an analysis of what the writer thinks broke or made the game for them.

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Submissions So Far

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel — A Lamentably Underrated Gem

As I was reading “I link, therefore I am” by Zacharias Szumer, I came across a particular quote that got me a little fired up (and not in a necessarily positive way):

Videogame sales have outstripped box office receipts and home video and theatre earnings for over a decade. The …

God of War Review: A Tale of Norse Mythology

Released on April 20, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, God of War is a sequel to one of the most famous PlayStation exclusive franchises, a game aiming to reboot the former trilogy for the new generation of consoles. In my opinion, any good sequel draws from the success of its …

That Ain’t Falco!

Super Smash Bros: Melee (SSBM) was released for Nintendo GameCube in north america on December 3, 2001 just a little over 15 years ago a legendary game was given to us.  Many of us have played it, but very few of us were able to master it. What is Melee? …

The Last of Us: Collective Gold

Prior to our newest generation of video game consoles, I had been a fairly avid gamer leaning entirely to the Xbox side of things. Unlike today’s console market, previous consoles differed little in performance and features. The real gold was in the exclusives. Xbox had the big boppers; Halo, Gears …

Madden 15 Review

My review of EA’s Madden 15. I decided to do it a little differently than the normal video game review.

The Last of Us – An Amateur Game Review – Do Your Own Assignment

This game is one I got bundled with my Playstation 3 when it arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and I went into it knowing very little – merely that it was a triple-A title and highly recommended by pretty much anyone who had played it. After playing …

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Ghost Bison and Annoying Guests-A Review of Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo Tycoon 2 is game first released in 2004 for Windows as the sequel to the computer game Zoo Tycoon. There are four expansion packs-Extinct Animals, Marine Mania, African Adventure, and Endangered Species. A DS version out in 2008. The final version of this game, called Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate …