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Backyard Photo Safari

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Submitted by: Rochelle Lockridge (@Rockylou22)

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Most likely your backyard has a story to tell. Or perhaps a park nearby will share its secrets.  With this assignment take your camera on a photo safari to capture interesting images of a place you frequent.  Cull your photos down to the best 5-10 images that when combined will tell a story.  Create a slide show and embed it into your blog.  Include a written or audio story telling component as well to help flesh out the story for your viewers.

See example at: Bygone Backyard Photo Safari


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Backyard Photo Safari

For this week’s DS106 assignment, I decided to stick with the visual assignments because they are my favorite.  I chose one that might be boring for some, but the application to the classroom could be very powerful.  It is a backyard photo safari that takes viewers on a photo journey …

Gun Loops, Large Holes Agin the King

Gun Loops Gardens

Between the algaed stone and the imposing handle

Ancient and modern

Secluded formal gardens tucked

No shortage of benches for lunches

Perpendicular to Newarke Wall’s large holes

Now peeping on the graveyard

But in 1645

Gun loops for Parliament’s shooters

Soldiers agin their King

Republic in waiting…

Get out of my Arboretum!

Over the weekend I went to Georgetown and visited the National Arboretum, a very expansive garden in D.C. I thought this would be perfect for the backyard safari photos assignment as my backyard is not interesting and the Arboretum had so much to offer. There were many different sections …

Arietty Goes House Shopping

I went house shopping today. I think I am in love with this backyard!

Check out the video I made about the backyard. While I was taking pictures, I thought about how I really feel about this class. Even though I struggled a little bit in this class, I still …

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