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Changing Fortunes

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Submitted by: Daniel Hawkins

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There are a few online “fortune cookie generators” (like this one: http://www.myfortunecookie.co.uk) that can actually act as good writing prompts/jumping-off points. Like horoscopes, fortune cookie messages are normally purposefully vague so they can be open for interpretation, whether the fortune is more like a prediction or just a proverb. Use a random fortune cookie generator to write a short narrative. This narrative can be related to the spy theme or not. For example, “Financial prosperity is coming your way!” or “The time is right to make new friends” can be used together or separately to make for an interesting narrative. E.g., as a spy, you might need to cozy up to a rich new friend and come into some money yourself as a way to break into a secret society. Be creative!

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Changing Fortunes

Sandra sat in the back of the Chinese restaurant. Her meal wasn’t that bad, considering the restaurant might have been a front for organized crime. Laying in front of her were two fortune cookies. Sandra hated fortune cookies. They were always stale and flavorless, but the restaurant was all out …

To My Mom

3. To my mom (4 stars) 

Mom, I can’t thank you enough for that that you have done for me. You always know how to make me laugh when I am sad and calm me down when I am mad. Thank you for always encouraging me to be my best …

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Another Day (4 stars)

After reading this assignment, I went through my photos and came across this picture I took a few years ago in Nevada. This picture does not have any filter or was ever edited, which is hard to find these days. Looking at this picture, it makes …

Life Lessons From A Cookie [???]

Karen Karenson had an incredibly long day at the office. Barry, who sat at the cubicle across from her had spend the entire work day watching self-help videos with the sound on, and Tom, the company intern, spilled coffee on her shirt right before her important business proposal.

In short, …

Fortune this Cookie: A Look Into Helga’s Future

Being Helga Schwarz is a pretty tiring job. I mean, can you imagine?! All those years working as a spy, and then housing all those spies! It is a never-ending job. But mein gott, I love it.

So you can imagine my surprise and satisfaction when I go to eat …

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

I’m not sure about you, but just reading that title made my brain hurt. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”…

Well, the first thing that came to my mind immediately was school. I always have a constant worry about what assignments I have and when they’re due and …

“When you feel defensive, examine what you fear”

“When you feel defensive, examine what you fear” and “Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals”.

Looking out at the hazy horizon, my breath stuttered and my chest tightened. The lookout is still ablaze on my left, but my eyes have become unseeing, my body unresponsive. This wasn’t how this …

Fortune Cookie

The little piece of paper reads: “Do not be overly judgmental of your loved one’s intentions or actions.”

Of course, I find a small source of food in a somehow preserved fortune cookie and it mocks me. I already had Bryce telling me yesterday that I wasted ammo on zombies …

Changing Fortunes

“Ha,” I snorted out. How ironic was it that my fortune told me I wasn’t the only person in the world. For all I know I was– I hadn’t seen another human in what felt like years. According to the date on my clock face, it had actually been three …

“This life is yours. Some of it has been given to you; the rest you’ve made yourself.”

The child, no older than ten years, quietly read his fortune while the rest of his family laughed around him, trading fortunes back and forth, giggling over the ones that were spot on or way off.  His mother, seated across from him reached her hand out across the table.  “What …

“It takes ten times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile.”

Blonde hair,

Blue eyes,

Girl who is at peace when nature is applied.

Eyes as blue as the skies,

And a brain full of all the secrets in the world.

Her heart is compassionate.

It rarely crosses her mind that she should worry less about others.

But she cares,

And …

“You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.”

Read my fortune cookie.  I am actually on vacation right now so hopefully this help will be a relatively small task.  I rest the cookie on my napkin and continue to slurp my noodles.  I tip the waiter and make my way back to my hotel.  This was much needed, …

Changing Fortunes

A new wardrobe brings great joy and change in your life.

I had faked my death and recovered my reputation with the Crown, but just when I thought my career as a spy had gotten easier, I found out I was dead wrong. My next mission: to infiltrate the spy …

A Warm Smile is Testimony of a Generous Nature

A warm smile shot over A.W.’s face as he realized that he just cracked the encryption to a database he has been trying to hack for the past two weeks. A.W. has a mission to search the database for clues on where an assailant is hiding. He just completed step …

Sleuth Assignments: Writing Edition

This week’s assignments are 8+ stars worth of writing assignments. Here’s what I picked:

A Letter To You As A Child (2 1/2 stars)- This is a letter to me at 16 years old. Take advantage of high school. Take advantage of having awesome teachers and friends and mentors around …

Changing Agents’ Fortunes

For this 3 point writing assignment, “Changing Fortunes” (https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/changing-fortunes/), I had to use a randomly-generated fortune cookie for inspiration in my own short narrative which tied in our spy theme for the semester. I used my character, Wren Wilder (003), to explore the idea of loneliness an office-based agent might …

Agent Bongo’s Cookie of Fortune

Day 2: 

I woke up with a stomach ache. I had a bit too much chicken lo-mein last night, and it wasn’t pretty. Before I left for work, I saw Betty’s fortune cookie on the kitchen table. I forgot, Betty hates fortune cookies. I ate the cardboard tasting delight, and …

It’s all in a fortune cookie…

Fortune Cookie:  “Romance is likely; strike up a conversation”


Today, for lunch, I had sushi with my friend Nancy Drew. When I opened my fortune cookie it said “Romance is likely; strike up a conversation”. This was interesting seeing how I had a date with James Bond later tonight. …

Spy love story

Two spies have a mission to eliminate each other and a surprising set of feelings comes about and the two end up falling in love.

Agent Smith – Cookies

I am on a super secret mission to steal some cookies from a fortress. Not just any cookies…dynamite cookies. Upon arriving, I received a letter. It read “A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you.” I though to myself, pondering for a minute, before realizing this letter …

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