Changing Fortunes

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There are a few online “fortune cookie generators” (like this one: that can actually act as good writing prompts/jumping-off points. Like horoscopes, fortune cookie messages are normally purposefully vague so they can be open for interpretation, whether the fortune is more like a prediction or just a proverb. Use a random fortune cookie generator to write a short narrative. This narrative can be related to the spy theme or not. For example, “Financial prosperity is coming your way!” or “The time is right to make new friends” can be used together or separately to make for an interesting narrative. E.g., as a spy, you might need to cozy up to a rich new friend and come into some money yourself as a way to break into a secret society. Be creative!

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Sandra sat in the back of the Chinese restaurant. Her meal wasn’t that bad, considering the restaurant might have been a front for organized crime.

3. To my mom (4 stars) 

Mom, I can’t thank you enough for that that you have done for me. You always know how to make

Another Day (4 stars)

After reading this assignment, I went through my photos and came across this picture I took a few years ago in

Karen Karenson had an incredibly long day at the office. Barry, who sat at the cubicle across from her had spend the entire work day

Being Helga Schwarz is a pretty tiring job. I mean, can you imagine?! All those years working as a spy, and then housing all those

I’m not sure about you, but just reading that title made my brain hurt. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”…

Well, the first thing

“When you feel defensive, examine what you fear” and “Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals”.

Looking out at the hazy horizon, my breath stuttered and

The little piece of paper reads: “Do not be overly judgmental of your loved one’s intentions or actions.”

Of course, I find a small source

“Ha,” I snorted out. How ironic was it that my fortune told me I wasn’t the only person in the world. For all I

The child, no older than ten years, quietly read his fortune while the rest of his family laughed around him, trading fortunes back and forth,

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