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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Do you have a cause/candidate you are aching to support? Why not build your own SuperPAC? Can't think of a name and/or a mission? Well the folks at WNYC can help you out with this SuperPAC name generator. After you've got you're SuperPAC name it's time to mashup up some media to support your cause. Use a piece of fiction or reality to start sculpting your message! PSAs, Radio spots, Posters, anything and everything is fair game for this assignment. Check out The Dude's SuperPac

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Assignment Bank SuperPAC: Second Amendment Defenders of Virginia

Our governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, who has admitted to wearing racist Black Face, has signed into law a bill designed to allow authorities the power to seize your firearms without Due Process of the Law! Especially in these times of virus, plague, and economic depression, every man and women …

“These Ain’t Even Punchlines No More, I’m Abusing Tracks”

For my final mashup assignment I decided to do the Create Your Own SuperPAC assignment (3 stars). I found this assignment very interesting. It took so much effort to get all of this to come together. I used Skitch to crop the photos and an online Pixlr app to paste …

Support the New Day Co-op!

Platform – Stand together, and no one #$%&* with us.

Candidates we support – Joseph Stewart.

Candidates we oppose – Those who stand against us.

Principal Donors – New Day Co-Op


So, this took some editing in Powerpoint and a picture off of Google. There were all sorts …

Establish Capitalism

For this week’s assignment I decided to do the “Create Your Owen SuperPAC” assignment. Using WNYC’s generator I was assigned the PAC, “Establish Capitalism.” For this assignment the only group of people that I could think of to represent my cause was Don Draper and the cast of Mad Men. So, if it’s success your looking for, …

The Good-Looking Internet Committee

It’s remix time! For my first remix assignment, I’ve decided to Create My Own SuperPAC!
The handy-dandy SuperSuperPAC Name Generator mentioned in the assignment was very helpful, as I didn’t have any solid ideas for how to approach this. It generated the following gems:

Hype The Nanny State Foundation

ds106 assignment – BRING BACK ASTRONAUTS


Image Credit: ESA/Hubble, NASA

Assignment: This assignment has you use the SuperPAC name generator found here and generate a name then get some mashup of data to promote the random SuperPAC.
Process: I went to generate the name for my pseudo-SuperPAC and it happened to come up…

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