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Submitted by: Jim Groom

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Take one of the people from ds106 and make them a monster profile a la Gary Gygax's classic 1977 Monster Manual. Make it a playing card, using a series of pre-defined qualities from the manual. You can see an example of this here:

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The two-headed Edtech Ettin: A D&D remix

I’m pretty sure it was Alan Levine who said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

So, instead of complaining about the lack of D&D monsters in D&D monster assignments, I went ahead and made one featuring tech innovators and experts Ben Rimes and Brian Bennett, …

Brian Bennett, Flipped Video “Lord”

DS106 is a magical and serendipitous course. There’s really nothing else like it. The recent Education Technology MOOC that Alec Couros and Alan Levine, among others, helped facilitate this Winter came close to matching DS106. It had awesomely silly collaborative experiences, and fantastic conversations based around the educational …

Ben Rimes is a Monster

The first week of ds106 is coming to a close, and I needed to finish my design work for the week. I clicked on “try a random assignment” and got the D&D Monster Manual assignment. I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons, but the imagination and storytelling that go into …

Creating Lee el’Zebub

Creating Lee el’Zebub, a set on Flickr.

Design Assignment 1. Go.
I had a lot of fun with this one, and I wish I had taken more time with it. But I felt encouraged by Jim Groom to almost zoom through it. No blame here, just a feeling.
I’ve included…

Design II — Monster of a Friend

Returning the favor, I decided to make a monster out of Joe Fehrman.  I decided to use MS Paint to draw one of my own, as I was uncertain about using one that was already made.  I kept to simple shapes, and followed the design for the back of the…

The ds106 99: #47 d&ds106 Monster Manual—Cogdog

This is an assignment I have been thinking about doing for a while, but once again never found the time. Well, now that I am a bit freer, I’ve decided to turn a series of people in my network into monsters in the spirit of the classic 1977 Monster Manual…

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