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ds106 Technical Difficulties

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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Let's face it, ds106 is a difficult ship to sail. Besides the shark-infested copyright waters and the mine filled seas of comment-apathy, it can be hard to keep the ds106 boat going forward all the time. So let's honor the fact that the site will more than likely continue to endure growing pains, and provide some excellent "technical difficulty" signs/gifs/media that can be displayed the next time the site goes down....wait, it's working now, right?

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Technical Difficulties

To honor all the many failures DS106 is going to have technologically, I created a simple display picture to be used next time the site goes down. I remember my grandfather getting angrier and angrier as his vintage TV went on and off during a soccer game …SO this one…

Wäscälly Wäbbits Weception

Big virtual party as we (sorta) gather all the pictures of the Wäbbits for our big group photo.
Listening to the wisdom of my RSS feeds, Ben reminds us that camp counselors should lead by example. Fellow Wäbbit, John saysKeep Calm and Make a GIF. Not sure how to take…

Keep Calm and Make a Gif

A new Assignment form Ben Rimes, ds106 Technical Difficulties | The Tech Savvy Educator worth 36 stars! My own effort took all of 3 minutes so an easy win;-) I started here: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON with the Keep Calm-o-matic and finished in fireworks, with a bit of noise.…

Kill all the golphers!

I love Ben Rimes’s ds106 technical difficulties assignment, and his take on it came out beautifully. I knew I couldn’t compete with his inspired art on this one, so I went below the belt. I found this image of the Gopher from Caddyshack, and I couldn’t help myself. The whole…

ds106 Technical Difficulties

In honor of Jim Groom, who can’t quite seem to keep the H.M.S. DS106 in ship-shape (it’s hard, all of us passengers are always banging on the hull and tossing vital equipment overboard). As the counselor of Bunk House 5 at Camp Magic Macguffin this summer, I thought it be…

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