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Email! Email! Read All About It!

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BWA Newsletter

For this assignment, use the website Vertical Response to create an email newsletter for a fictional agency, company, organization, etc. After you sign up for a free account, Vertical Response allows you to choose from newsletter templates, into which you can insert text and images. You may tell the story of how your entity formed, give background information on the members/employees, and/or provide viewers with current happenings. Once completed, send it to at least 5 people in the DS106 community, so they may share your exciting news! Since there is no shared embedding link for this website, please screenshot or take a photo of the printed newsletter (hard copy), in order to share it on flickr and in your blog post. The idea for this assignment was developed by Julia James. 

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I’ve always wondered what people use to make emails that look like this, and now I’m glad I do! To stick with the spy theme, I made an email from the government, warning them that all cameras are watching them. I used the website mentioned in the assignment listing, Vertical …

Web Assignment – Email! Email! Read All About It!

I created an email advertising for tourism in Tombstone, Arizona, a town I’ve used a couple times in past assignments. This assignment uses the website Vertical Response to create this ad, and actually allows you to send it out to people, but a) I didn’t have emails to send it …

League of Outlaws

Saved a bank from a dangerous group of armed gunmen in Switzerland.

Newsletter! Newsletter! Read All About It!

This prompt is the first original assignment that I created, and this week was the perfect opportunity to do so. Since we had to complete five stars of web assignments, and there are few that lend themselves to sharing the formation of  Black Widow Agency and how it operates,  I …

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“Email! Email! Read All About It!” Tutorial

  Go to VerticalResponse.com. Create a free account with your Email address and personal password. Choose the “Email Campaign” option. From the “Pick a Template” menu, choose “Purpose” and then “Newsletter/General”. Click “Select” on the template of your choice. It’s time to get creative by entering text and images, relevant …