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Explaining the Spy

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So you have created your character for the class now it is time to tell the story of what other your characters influenced yours. Explain other characters in the genre who potentially influenced your character and how you built off those characters. (In look, personality, type of character, name, etc.) Conversely feel free to expand on any characters that bother you and why your character will be nothing like that. Your explanation can include other media clips or novel quotes to familiarize people with the media that influenced your character. 

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Explaining Ceto

There were a few different factors that went into this character. First, I used online phrase generators to look for words that inspired me. From the phrases that came up, plus the references to mythology in Ink-stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors, I was able to hone in on water, mythical …

Explaining the Superhero

For this assignment, it says the explain the spy. In order for it to apply to our semester together, I decided to explain the superhero. #3stars

My thought behind creating Malevolent Melody was somewhat inspired by Ember McLain. I was actually explaining to my friend how I want my …

Explaining the Spy

My spy character, Roderick Rush, is inspired by several other spies from literature, television, and film along with a lot of my own invention. In large part, I based him and part of his backstory on Jason Bourne. Although I’ve never been as big of a fan of the …

The Idea Behind My Spy

The most difficult part of creating a character whether it’s a spy or even just a character in Skyrim is the name. Neil Roberts was a real person, but he was not a spy. Roberts was a Navy SEAL like my bio suggests but that’s about as far as the …

Character Spotlight: Agent Bongo


The primary inspiration for Agent Bongo was not necessarily one specific character, but Archer as a whole series. I also drew from one of my favorite shows, The Office. I wanted to incorporate elements of a human resources department into the background of the character. It wouldn’t be too …

Explaining the spy

My main inspiration for the silly gimick of my character (that he disguises as a milk man) was a character in a video game called Psychonaughts. The character’s name was Lloyd. Lloyd was a conspiracy theorist looking for “the milk man.” The concept was so original that is always stuck …

Writing Assignment 2056

I thought this writing assignment would be a good idea for me to do considering people who read about my secret agent, ManBearPig, are probably going to be at least somewhat confused. Originally I got the idea for naming my character Al Gore and having his agent name be ManBearPig …

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Explaining My Spy

When I created my character I wanted to play into the trope of semi-normal people falling into or being coerced into spy role. With those kinds of characters I have noticed they always seem to fall into two categories the completely goofily under qualified new spy or the somehow has …