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For this assignment, you will need one thing that eveyone has. A home video! Choose a video that you have filmed yourself and create a gif from that video. Instructions for how to complete this assignment are linked to this page!

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let’s get gif-y!

Making GIFs is fun. For the two activities from the assignment bank I chose to GIF my sassy animal, and a home video.…

Nature Walk – Home Video

I took my best friend for a walk down through the woods for about 15 minutes and she fell down the hill. I didn’t get that part on video but I got her getting back up. I’m glad this was a gif because some choice words were used.

Working on the Railroad

Fun fact: I’m full of ideas, I just lack the motivation to make them real.

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve probably gathered that while I enjoy being creative, I never push myself to do anything about it unless I’m in school. I’ve been riding the train to and …

M I R U – animated gif assignment –

Well hello again. It’s Friday.

Oh yes. Animated gifs…my worst nightmare. Once again, I had so much trouble with this crap. I downloaded VLC to help me obtain the frames from the video and it wasn’t working because (J’m assuming) I didn’t give it admin…but like heck I will because …

My first GIF !

I have seen gif’s all over tumblr and always thought they were so cool. Never have I ever even attempted to make one up until now. For my first gif, I went with the home video design assignment. I am ALWAYS taking pictures or recording videos of event that I …

Animated Gif Assignment

Favorite Musician Gif.

Although I have been a self-proclaimed feminist for years, I hadn’t listened the a lot of lady’s performing rock music in my life. When my boyfriend introduced me to Sleater-Kinney a few weeks back, I immediately changed my ways. These girls rock so hard and they do …

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Tutorials So Far

Simple steps to making a GIF

Start out by finding which video you’ll be using for your gif. Once you’ve found the video you’d like to use, go ahead and upload it to your youtube account. Make sure the video is set to public view, it won’t work if it’s private.

Next go to and …