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Submitted by: Tyler Crump

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Many well-known characters have brightened up our days just by uttering sometimes nothing more than a single word. Take a famous character's catchphrase and illustrate it into an image. Try not to use the character themselves in the picture, make it so others can guess what the catchphrase being illustrated is.

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Submissions So Far

Don’t leave your catchphrases out in the elements.

For this assignment, I started by picking a character with a catchphrase from a show that I enjoy. It took a minute to come up with one, but once I thought about this line, I knew it was perfect. I made a few changes in my initial design decision, but …

Seeing and Speaking Tripple

The catchphrase I chose to illustrate is one that I heard when watching re-runs as a kid. It might not be hard to guess but the picture might throw you off of who said it. For this assignment it wasn’t hard to actually complete I just joined three images together …

Guess that Catchphrase!

This image was created in two parts. First, in Word, I created the body out of shapes and text. Second, in photoshop, I layered what I had done in Word on top of a rainbow background. Then erased the white background from around the body.
Brainstorming is always the hardest…

Guess that catchphrase!

Okay confession time I totally didn’t know we were required to create assignments, so lucky me another thing to do during my last weeks! Oh well nothing too serious least I found out early in the week.
Anyways for my first original assignment I started off with something with a…

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Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Take a famous character’s catchphrase and illustrate it into an image.

I loved this assignment and had too many ideas, so I decided to make a tutorial. My sister and I love Lost in Space. We were introduced to the show when we didn’t understand why our mother went around…