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Submitted by: Brian Metcalfe

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Demonstrate that "a picture is worth a thousand words" by superimposing a famous quotation over a "Creative Commons" licensed image.

Make certain to include the author's name and the licensed image web address in your visual remix to provide proper credit and acknowledgement.

Detailed lesson steps, together with supporting web sites, samples, and activity handouts are available on my blog at:

Take care & keep smiling :-)

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pumpkins, pooh bear, photoshop.

My three visual assignments this week took me a LONG time, but they were so worth it! I’m very happy with the results.

Image with a Message

1 star

I have always had a love for quotes. Maybe it’s my passion for writing or my strive for optimism and inspiration, …

Design Safari

The image above is of a air compressor protected with a c-shaped red concrete barrier.  I saw this design at a local WaWa displaying concept of form/function/message is what came to mind. Norman spoke of a model called seven stages of action which explain how humans will interact with technology.

Find Yourself

In this assignment we were asked to find our name or part of our name in our environment. If we could only find part of our name we had to piece it together with other parts until it was completed.

So for this, I went through my garage (which should …

Never give up

I belong to a land where harassment, violence and harsh cultural taboos against the women are the norms. I belong to a people who sacrifice their own daughters, sisters and wives in the name of culture, but I also belong to a generation who will open a new page in…

ds106 106 assignment – picture with text

(photo was originally from here, full credit to original uploader)
Assignment: This assignment involves simply putting a “famous quote” on top of a picture.  There’s not much else to explain about it really. I deviated from the guidelines slightly
Process: This projected was completed very easily using GIMP’s text tool.…

Image with a Message

Are you looking for an engaging computer-related activity or project for your students? Regardless of the grade or subject area in which you teach, I think I have an idea that you will find both stimulating as well as educationally relevant. It is said that “a picture is…

Image With a message

Image with a message
I found this Ds106 assignment and the first thing that came to my mind was FREE WILLY. For those of you who dont know, Free Willy is a movie that came out in 1993 about a killer whale that was captured and placed into an aquarium.…

What do I aspire to do or be one day …

One of the challenging activities that each participant in our Digital Storytelling DS106 online course is asked to complete is “The Daily Create”. This activity is an opportunity to demonstrate creativity and think “outside the box”. During the current week, we have been concentrating on visual assignments so we were…

Image with a message

Ok! Last DS106 assignment for the pioneers section, this is the visual assignments #324, in which,
“Your challenge is to enhance a famous quotation by superimposing it on an appropriate “Creative Commons” licensed image and to give proper credit.”

Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have so much to do with pioneers…

DS106 Assignment Image with a Message

Quote by Albert Einstein
I finished second ds106 assognment. I chose Image with a message as the assignment. It makes me fun because through the assignment I can represent my opinion by someone’s quote with picture. It says that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your challenge is…

Got Web?

Did you ever wake up in the morning, and say:
“Man, I’m so grateful that the world wide web exists! What would I do without it?”
Well, if so, the vibrant guy in the picture above, Tim Berners-Lee, is who you should be thanking!
Hmm, wait a minute. This guy…

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened :)

Hey guys!!
Here’s my 3rd ds106 assignment!! It’s my second assignment with an image but please bare with me…I love using images!!
The assignment I chose this time is a visual assignment again and it’s called “Image with a Message“. Well, here are the directions!!
Are you looking for an…

Teacher Feature #15 – The Daily Create

I want to share a remarkable educational vehicle for stimulating creativity and engaging students. Through the “The Daily Create” participants are offered a unique invitation to engage in creative exercises which help individuals look at the world differently. Too often, we become complacent and approach day-to-day events in much the…

DS106 Assignment — Image With A Message

Image With A Message
The Assignment
So, for my first ds106 assignment, I decided to do a visual assignment because it seemed quite simple! The assignment, which I found under the visual assignment is called Image With A Message by Brian Metcalfe. The task for this assignment was written as:…

Pioneers: Alan Turing

Photography by Ryan Lobo

DS106 Assignment:
Image With a Message: Enhance a famous quotation by superimposing it on a “Creative Commons” image and give it proper credit.
The Process:
This assignment is quite simple, actually. I started with searching for a quote-which I decided HAD to be Star Wars. After…

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