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Instagram is done…DESCRIBE your lunch to me!

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Submitted by: Savanna Palmer

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Skip the filters and the art of cropping--we are going old school.....DESCRIBE your (or your character's) lunches! So whatever it is you're eating or ate earlier, or would love to eat, describe it! Don't be afraid to be silly, and don't skimp on the details. What color is it? What does it taste like? What does it remind you of? If you make it into a poem--that would be even better!

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Submissions So Far

Words For the Meal, Photo the Aftermath

It’s a black plastic base, rectangle-shaped with a clear lid that lets me see the prize inside. Ten pieces of sushi, circular, and lined up in pairs. The last two in the lines are the end pieces and thin slices of carrots rise out of them like orange vines. The …

What’s for lunch?

It’s the end of the world – Instagram (well, maybe more accurately Snapchat) is down. How will I know what all of my friends are eating today?

No need to fear, Emily is here and she is going to describe to you in ridiculous detail what she is eating for

Instagram is Down Again???

For lunch, I went to this super fancy restaurant that I cannot afford just to take a picture of my food on IG only for insta to be down!!! How rude. Since I spent $30 on this, I am going to describe it to you.

First off the table is …

Veggie Burger? Is it worth it?

Lunch today was interesting to say the least. I got tired of eating pizza so I went and got a veggie burger. While I am not a vegetarian (far from it) I heard good times about it and figured I should try it. I ordered the burger with ketchup, mayo, …


Today for lunch i had a pretty fulling salad. I had put in iceberg lettuce and a salad greens mix, even though it has spinach and i cant stand it. I then put in wheat berries, which are small pea sized grain that dont have much of a flavor. I …

If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine

There are crackers. So many crackers. Portable, and don’t require heat or cold. Ritz crackers and club crackers. Some of them have bologna, and most of them have cheese. Fake cheese, which I get crap about from my friends, but fake cheese is delicious and I will defend it until …


I know some of your first thoughts are going to be “EWW” or “GROSS!”, but let me explain with a little poem…

Never raw, always cooked
Shrimp or crab, nothing else is good
If the two are put together, that’s the best!
In my opinion, they are better than the …


I’m very much so a food-e and, like many others in my generation, love to post pictures of what I eat! With Instagram down how will I ever share my meals with my followers?! I guess I’m going to have to resort to *gasp* actually using words to describe the …

Agent Smith – Lunch

As I wait patiently for a website to load so I can write most blog posts about my fantastic spy life….I decided to grab a slice of pizza, my favorite, for lunch. There’s this special white sauce they use….mmmMmmm so good. Every bite is a masterpiece. Mmmmmm Pizza. Tastes so …

Burger Night

Well now that the murder of Johnny in our town has been resolved and life has started to get back to normal, Tumbleweed Saloon has opened back up for business and I (Agnus) start working again tomorrow. Before I started back up I wanted to have dinner with my good …

Thoughts during a Meal

The sticky grease underneath my finger nails, the smell of Ringo sitting next to me, begging for food, and the thought of Johnny keeps me from eating. How could he have died? Why did he have to go, yet, who did this? I look down and continue to eat as …

Writing Assignment – Instagram Is Down…DESCRIBE Your Lunch To Me!

Earlier today I trudged through the snow for lunch with Christine, Britta, Maddy and Kelsey. We walked from campus over to Kumo Sushi where we each ordered about three rolls. I ordered, as part of the lunch special, the spicy scallop roll, tuna & avocado roll and the spicy salmon …

Lunch with Victor Barethean

Assignment (4 stars)

This week, I met up with Victor Barethean for a nice lunch. I had never met Victor before, but I had heard of him during my time hosting the Edward Creeper Show. Victor seemed like a casual, laid-back individual when we first met at the local diner. …

Great lunch with Eve Winters

I am so upset! Today was the day that Eve Winters and I had planned to go on a picnic in the park and Instagram is down! This is so disappointing now none of my social media friends will be able to see any photos from our picnic or the …

Morlium’s Lunch

I am not a fan of instagram. I AM a fan of assignments poking fun at instagram. I am not a fan of people describing food. I AM a fan of food in general though, so I figured I would have to compromise. Besides, the ol’ vocabulary could always use …

Eat Drink Man Woman

I could take a picture of my lunch. Did you want that pre or post consumption? Pre or post digestion?

Today, I had a moderately decent bibimbap from a food truck over on 13th street. The hot and cold ingredients came in separate containers as well as a small side …

Today’s lunch…

With Instagram down, I suppose it’s still my duty to inform my loyal audience of my most delicious meal. Fortunately for you all my literary chops have granted me the ability to give you what you’ve asked for!

I made myself a delicious pasta today, starting with a homemade tomato …

Instagram is Done..Describe your Lunch to me

For this Writing Assignment I am going to describe my favorite lunch that I have during the week. This is rated four stars!

For lunch I had a burrito bowl from Qdoba! I start out with the white rice that includes parsley and lime juice to add a little flavor …

Oh, I’ll describe my food… IN SOOOOOOOOONG

Steak and potatoes with wine

Oh, steak so juicy and pink
With some California red to drink
Potatoes mashed with butter and salt
If it’s not delicious it’s your fault

Takes about an hour to make
Except the wine, that comes ready to drink
Sear your steak on high in …

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