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Patty Pioneers

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Simply put, this assignment involves editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.

For example, instead of using a hamburger as I did in the example photograph, you may wish to use a hot dog or french fries. Anything that you may find at a local fast food restaurant is acceptable. Drinks may be used as well, however, you must incorporate fast food within your picture.

Here are some tips when selecting a picture:

1) Try to pick a photograph where the person is already holding something in the picture. This will allow you edit the picture more easily, effectively, and helps make the picture more realistic looking after editing.

2) Try to match up the quality of the images you are working with so that they will be more ascetically pleasing, as well as more professional looking. If you are more technically capable, you may want to distort the image of the food item by inserting a layer of noise on the photo and then blurring the edges around the food item in order to make it blend in to the background. Remember, layers are your friend!

4) Don't be intimidated by photo editing. The internet is your friend! Use a web search and find some tutorials on your favorite image editing software. It's actually quite an easy assignment to do.

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Assignment Bank | One Point

The Assignment:

“For this week, you need to complete 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments — this could be doing 5 assignments rated 2 stars, etc. One of them is required by everyone, so we can all do the same one and compare our ideas, but beyond that, you get

Bill Gates Shilling for Subway

Bill Gates during a more modest career moment as sandwich board operator for Subway.
Process: Using GIMP, I simply layered this image of Bill Gates on top of this city scape image. Finally, I scaled each layer to fit the scene and then added in this Subway advertisement for the…

Who Invented the Internet?

I’ve been having such fun with the DS106 assignment database. After going through almost every single assignment and having brief flashes of inspiration on at least half of them, I decided to jump in with another silly one.
Today’s assignment is “Patty Pioneer.” To quote the directions, “Simply put, this…

Alan Kay’s Burger Conundrum

Alan Kay, contemplating a object-oriented method to eating his Quintuple Beef Stacker McMileHigh with bacon, ham, fried chicken, onion rings, avocados, extra cheese and extra mayo.

The Assignment: I decided to hop on the bandwagon of other classmates that have been doing “Patty Pioneers” since Adam first submitted it as…

Patty Pioneers (1st Assignment of CIS DS106)

This is my first assignment Patty Pioneers.
Instruction says “Simply put, this assignment involves editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.“
In this picture, You can see Steve Jobs is holding the…

Fries n’ chips

Moore’s Law says something about the exponential growth of computing power. Techy people can explain it better than I. But exponential growth and supersizing are related concepts, so let’s stuff Morgan Spulock’s fries into Gordon Moore’s mouth. Apparently he has an open mouth smile, so it should be easy.

Babbage Says Hell Yeah Carne Asada Fries

Charles “father of the computer” Babbage, about to enjoy some carne asada fries.  Inspired by the Patty Pioneers assignment, with some prompting from @jimgroom.  Found a picture of Babbage, then added some other elements – a hand, a fork, a styrofoam container, and of course, carne asada fries.
Original, stronger…

Patty Pioneers: No Turtle, Chicken!

Seymour Papert excited for some of the Colonel's finest.

I just couldn’t resist the Pioneer Patty that the Tokyo ds106ers are rocking out to. How cool to make an assignment that turns a series of innovative computer mavericks into fast food fanatics in order show how much you care. My…

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Receives Honorary Chicken Basket

The only downside of introducing the ds106 model to a large group of bright, curious and creative students is that the instructor will quickly become overwhelmed with a staggering level of awesome output. I’ve already spent one incredible all-niter reading student blogs and trying to leave coherent comments. I imagine…

GNU Pioneer Devours DQ Special

This is wrong in so many ways, but I just couldn’t resist this #ds106 assignment.                                 Richard Stallman photo from Cool Picture Gallery. Hot Dog image shared by abi728 at Clker.  …

Microchip inventor has a snack

Jack Kilby, co-inventor of the microchip, pauses to have a Big Mac and Fries.
This is my first attempt at a ds106 assignment, Patty Pioneers.…

Ted Nelson He Did More Than Share a Patty

Assignment: DS106 listed a “Patty Pioneers” assignment that required students to place a fast food item in the hands of a computer pioneer.
The Process: I used GIMP to combine two pictures, one of Ted Nelson (original here, by Mark Bernstein) and one of a burger (original here, Le Parker…

Patty Pioneers – Weiner eating a wiener.

Original scanned photo by telehistoriska – CC Licensed via Flickr

After this morning’s class I thought I’d do a post on Weiner. I decided it was about time to move on to DS 106 assignments since we are ending the section in one week or so. My first intention was…

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