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Phake Tweets

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Use the Twister tool from ClassTools ( to generate a series of images representing the voices of past figures if they could express themselves in twitter. Notch it up, and recast a historical event with a new plot line, and notch it up again, but making it a back and forth between two figures (use @person!) - my example is not developed as a fanfic, but should give you an idea of what to do (okay, okay, I will do a real assignment, sigh).

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Randall Flagg’s Twitter

Phake Tweets

Below are a series of tweets that intelligence agencies gathered from online searches that suggest that Randall Flagg was, in fact, the perpetrator of the recent bombings!

He was camouflaged into the Twitter scene with the surprisingly accurate Lego figure of himself, but rest assured, Randall Flagg has …

Phake Tweets

This is a two star assignment. I decided to do this because I thought it would be fun to be a six year old tweeting. I created two tweets that involve some things that happened in the book. I used the link under the assignment to create the tweets then …

I feel like a professional troll

For a while, I’ve wondered how people so expertly create fake tweets from celebrities, most recently being Donald Trump. I found this in the assignment bank and was instantly drawn to it. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to apply our spy theme and came up with what I …

Phake Tweets

Check out my pal HK on twitter way back in the ’60s.

Get it?



1st President

1st President got question for how to write a letter?

Phake Tweets

For my second blog post I decided to make a “Phake Tweet” for Mark Cuban. This came at a time where the LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling made some pretty hateful and racist comments towards minorities.

Mark Cuban is an owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Him and the other …

Helen Keller Phake Tweet

A tweet from Helen Keller on May 30, 1920.

Marie Antoniette

Marie Antoniette tweeting about her life!



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Create a Phake Tweet

Phake Tweets- The Lion King

Mufasa- All is well today in the circle of life, except my brother keeps nagging me. I swear he will be the death of me… Rafiki- @The_Lion_King Deez coconuts agree! But death is not the end of you Mufasa! HEEHEEHEE Timone + Pumba- @The_Lion_king Dont listen to the monkey! His head is an empty coconut. BTW …


Feeling a little twittery, I’ve decided to go ahead and do the Phun with Phake Tweets DS106 assignment. It involves a couple simple steps. Coming straight from the DS106 assignment page, all you have to do is “Use the Twister tool from ClassTools to generate a series of images representing the voices of past figures …

DS106-Phake Tweets

@SteveJobs comments:   “Why join the Navy when you can become a pirate?” twister link                        @LayzLay24 comments: Why graduate college, when you can become rich without a degree?   @MuhammadAli comments:   “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Twister link     …

Phake Tweets

This assignment is fake tweeting; imagine, what would you tweet if you were a famous historical person?
As Cleopatra, I tweet “

So, which one should I do before I attract Caesar…breast implant or making my nose taller?”
I assume she would be cosmetic surgery freak if she was in…

Fanfic Submit an Assignment

For my third Submit an Assignment, I decided to go with CogDog’s suggestion of using Twister to make fake Tweets.  As a White Sox fan, there’s nothing better than poking fun at the Cubs and their miserable existence as eternal loser.  Nothing speaks to this more than the Bartman Ball…

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Tutorials So Far

Phake Tweets Tutorial

In this assignment, you will generate tweets from historical figures in order to create FanFiction.  Before I take you through step-by-step, take a look at the assignment instructions.  If for whatever reason you do not want to check out that link, I’ll copy them for you below:

Use the …