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ReCaptcha Illustrated

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Include a screenshot of a word pair from a reCapctha ( or heck right at the bottom of this assignment submission form in an illustration or visual mashup that shows what the words might mean. Use your imagination to create something meaningful out of the random words.

When you write it up, provide some narrative that puts the image in context.

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An iThingr: ReCaptcha Illustrated and the Benefits of Playing with Apps

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Here’s my ReCaptcha Illustrated assignment for ds106.

The project gave me another chance to play around with Gimp and, as students and I…

‘ReCaptcha Illustrated’: A Unique Assignment

Although this assignment and tutorial has been created as part of my contribution to the Ds106 learning community, it also has great potential as an activity/project for our Senior Years’ students. “ReCaptcha Illustrated” is a unique Visual Assignment that was proposed by Alan Levine (aka cogdog), who challenged DS106 students…

Visual Assignment – ReCaptcha

I love the idea behind this assignment. I have stared at countless Captchas wondering ” what in the world is that?”, I would even go and Google a word out of curiosity(usually with no luck). However, I digress.
For this assignment, the ds106 gods gave me the captcha “Homeip Elected”.…

Recaptcha madness

Happy February to all!
I thought that this week’s DS106 assignment should be something random, so I went with the illustrated recaptcha assignment suggestion whereby you are given the task to illustrate one of those random recaptcha images.  I must have hit that button to give me another captcha many…

The Softain Biopsy – Visual Assignment 305: ReCaptcha Illustrated

The Softain Biopsy – Visual Assignment 305: ReCaptcha Illustrated , originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.
The Softain Biopsy
The Softain Biopsy is a medical procedure performed by specialist surgeon Dr Sigmeund Softain involving sampling of diseased human cells or tissues for examination, repair, duplication and then re-insertion back into the…

ReCaptcha Predictions for 2012

I’m not going to shake the magic 8 ball or come up with a list of really insightful surprise predictions for 2012. Instead I’m attempting @cogdog’s new #ds106 assignment to illustrate something meaningful out of random words.
ReCaptcha Predictions!
This is the equivalent of reading the random tea leaves at…

Captcha Art (ds106 assignment)

Among other TEDx Talk videos I have seen recently, the one by Luis von Ahn on Massive-scale online collaboration, Stephen Downes notwithstanding, generated a number of ideas for me. von Ahn is the man behind the idea of reCaptcha- originally a Carnegie-Mellon project eventurally gobbled up by Google. What I…

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