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Remake that genre!

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Pick a song from any genre such as, rock, pop, latin music, electronica, etc. and then find another version of that song in a DIFFERENT genre. Once you find the song in a different genre post the original and the remake and explain which you like better and why. Be creative and have fun!

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Remake That Genre

Many artists find joy in taking a song and adding their own musical twist to it. They give a reggae flair to pop songs. A Latin twist on classical music. A Rock and Roll surprise on rap. So on and so forth.

Sofia Karlberg is a Swedish singer and songwriter who …

Which Genre’s Better?

Finding one song sang in 2 different genres is always so interesting to watch. It let’s you have an almost “what if” for the song, like “what if it was sang like this, would it do better or worse?”

That’s why upon reading this assignment that I thought of, yes, …

Sounds only a super chef would love

Sound Effects – 3.5 Stars

For this audio assignment I had to create my own sound effect. I decided to incorporate my super hero into this. Since she is a super chef I decided to create a sound effect of Merciful Mise en Place’s 2 favorite sounds. Dishing being washed …

Remake that Genre!

I know a lot about covers. I have a radio show with a friend of mine where we just play mashups and covers. So, when I came across the “Remake that Genre” assignment, I had about  a million ideas.

I narrowed it down to Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift’s …

Remake the Genre!

I’ve listened to The Smiths probably the same amount as everyone else has; enough to like them to the point where I don’t have to listen to them all that much.  (It gets to a point where you have to say, enough Morrissey.)  In searching for cover songs I came …

Remake that genre!: Bond in different genres

Here is the original James Bond theme song, that I am sure you are plenty familiar with.

Here is a cover of the James Bond theme song,  re-imagined in violin form.

Although the original version beings back a plethora of nostalgia from the old Bond movies and the 007 video …

Remake that Genre!




The original song “Apologize” by the group One Republic. I would classify the original version as a mix between rock and pop. Luke Bryan is a country artist so his version is definitely country. As much as I love Luke Bryan and he is one of my …

Remaking the Genre

For the Remake the Genre assignment, I chose one of my favorite punk songs, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (also called Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye). The original song is in its own way a cover, or more of a remix, of an American Civil War song. In the Irish …

New Genre


The first one is a remixed bhangra beat of the song All The Way Up with Fat Joe and Remy Ma.  To be honest I enjoy them both but I think I might be biased because I am a hugeee fan of bass in my music and the original …

Let it go!!!

I am not much of a rock-and-roll person but I really enjoyed listening to Let it go’s rock version. I found that the rock version captivated emotions of the song well and it also triggered similar yet different emotions from me. I cannot really say which one I like better; …

Agent Smith – Compare

Greetings fellow agents…which song do you like better? I know this is an odd question, but at least we do not need to use soundcloud for this current….task.

I like this original version because the beat is just right and I love the lyrics. Not to mention the music video …

Remake that Genre


The genres are close to one another but I feel that the Pentatonix is in a different genre than the Imagines Dragons is more Alternative Rock and Pentatonix is considered more of a Pop genre though I feel that since they are an accapella group brings more of the …

What Genre?

For this assignment, Remake That Genre!, you were meant to find a song from one genre and then find the same song but in a different genre. People may think that this is hard, but I found this to be fairly easy for an odd reason. Since I used …

What a Fresh Coat of Memes Can do

This is my response to the Remake That Genre! assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to find two versions of the same song in different genres and compare and contrast them.  Here we have “Death By Glamour,” the theme that plays during the player’s battle against Mettaton EX in Toby …

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