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Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out first!

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Submissions So Far

Reverse Audio Quiz

Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out …


I made this using audacity. Can you guess what song it is?

Reverse Audio Quiz

For this 3.5 star assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I did this assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to have a segment of our radio show where it’s like a game during the show and people must guess what superhero theme song we are playing backwards.…

Reverse Audio Quiz

Can you name that song from Khalid’s newest album??

Reverse Audio Quiz

Can you guess this peppy tune’s original title?

If you want to try guessing, you probably should before reading the next paragraph! It might give a little too much away.

This assignment seemed like fun; I wish I had a deeper reason than that, but I really was just excited …

Reverse Audio Quiz

For the second assignment of the week, I decided to do one where I take a song, reverse it, and take a small snippet (30 seconds), and see if someone can guess what song it is! My thinking was to choose a song the has very level high and low …

Reverse audio

The first assignment from the assignment bank this week that I did was called reverse audio quiz and is worth 3.5 stars:

For this assignment you have to take a song and reverse it through Audacity. This was pretty easy, but finding a song was really hard. I looked …

Reverse Reverse!

I did the Reverse Audio Quiz and now your job as the reader is to try and guess the song by listening to it reversed and also with the help of three hints.

My three hints are:

This song is from the genre Vaporwave, so as a result it samples…

What’s Melting in Reverse?: “Reverse Audio Quiz”

For this 3.5 point audio assignment, I was instructed to reverse a recognizable song and provide three hints as to what the original song was. I found this assignment easy, only requiring me to apply a reversal effect on a converted song MP3 in Audacity.

My first hint is actually …

Reverse audio

This audio assignment is called reverse audio and is where you take a song from your iTunes account and reverse it in Audacity. It is worth 3.5 stars and brings me over the 12 star minimum. You then create three hints about the song. The first hint is it is …

Another Quiz

I really liked doing the guess the film on four icons quiz I decided to do another but with audio this time.

This is an idea I saw here. Feel free to try it yourself.

I downloaded the original songs and uploaded them into Adobe Audition and then using that …

Reversed Firsts


Finally getting around to actually posting my assignments for the week. First one I’m doing this week is the the Reverse Audio Quiz, where I have to reverse a song and give hints as to what song it is. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

I spent a while looking …

Week 4 pt. 2: Reverse Reverse

Just kidding. Only one reverse. In this case, the reversing of a song, and the opportunity for readers to guess what it is.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 3.5

Process: Upon reading this assignment, I launched again into Spotify. I didn’t want to reverse anything too weird, as the goal …

Reverse Audio Quiz

Tyler Gimple Has Come Unstuck in Time

Reverse Audio Quiz: 3.5 Stars

I have always been fascinated by TIME. Does Time really matter? Speaking of time… What is it exactly? In modern physics time is no more than a spatial dimension that is no different from up or left. …

Reverse What Lyrics

Try and guess! I have two songs for you to try.

Reverse What Lyrics?

For the Audio assignment this week I struggled. First I downloaded Audacity because most assignments had it in the description. I then chose Audio Assignments 1446 Favorite Song as the assignment I was going to attempt. Attempt being the keyword.

I pick a song and and followed these instructions. …

Reverse Audio Quiz

The task: Take an audio file and reverse it. Then, give three clues as to what the song is and see who is the first to correctly identify the song.


This is a children’s song/nursery rhyme.
It can be played as a children’s game.
It is often the tune…


This week in Digital Storytelling, we have to do 8 stars worth of audio assignments from the audio bank. So I wondered what assignment I would want to do, because I wanted to do an assignment that was fun. It didn’t matter to me how many stars it had, it …


I chose to complete the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment worth 3.5 stars.

I thought it’d be interesting to reverse a song and hear what the track sounded like. I used the Audacity program. With a little clicking around, I figured out how to reverse the mp3 file. The result …

Name this song!

This audio assignment was worth three and a half stars contributing to the total 8 stars worth of audio assignments we had to complete this week. I chose to complete this assignment because I thought it seemed like a pretty fun idea. When songs come on the radio I like …

Mystery Song

I chose this Mystery Song because it’s pretty popular and I think just about everyone has heard it before. When I played it backwards, I will admit that it’s pretty hard to figure out what it is so I’ll try and make my clues helpful.

My clues are:

The songwriter …

Guess the Obscure Reverse Song

This is a Reverse Song Quiz.  Can you guess what it is?

This should be a pretty big challenge for most people, since I don’t know anybody personally that has even heard of this artist.  Of course, if you’ve read my other blog post, you know my propensity …

Guess That (Backwards) Song! (Reverse Audio Quiz)

This audio assignment is worth 3 stars, bringing my total for audio assignments to 7 stars. The assignment page is here, but I’ll include the directions below as well.

Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse …

Guess The Backwards Track


1: TV Show theme song

2: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross

3: Central Perk


For this audio assignment, worth 3 stars, we had to reverse the music for an audio file. I started by finding the audio clip on YouTube and downloading it. I then uploaded …

Guess the Backwards Track

For the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment (3 stars), we had to take a song and reverse it. And you, the listener, has to guess what it is! Of course, you get three hints (and this might make it very easy!).

It’s a cover of a Studio Ghibli song
The song…

Guess That Song!

Reverse Audio Quiz- 2.5 Stars

Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See …

?sdrawkcaB deaR uoY naC

AudioAssignments1332 – Reverse a song to see if anyone can guess which one it is?  Too easy.

The below song is definitely in the theme of Tales From DS106.  In fact, the entire album really is.  The Album, which was released in 1990, was the third studio album from the …

Reverse Audio Quiz!

I got super excited but slightly nervous for this assignment. It sounded super fun, but difficult at the same time. But of course I had to try it!

So the point of this assignment was to pick a familiar song, and reverse the audio so that it plays backwards. This …

Reverse Audio Quiz

Assignment (3 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find a song and reverse the music, to make the song sound somewhat different, but still similarly enough that people can guess what it is based on 3 clues. Because of copyright fears, I have just uploaded the song directly to …

Reverse Audio Quiz Assignment

To wrap up audio week with sufficient credits, I present one more audio piece. Based on the Assignment “Reverse Audio Quiz” in the ds106 Assignment Bank, I have taken a portion of audio from The Prisoner and have reversed it. However, I have selectively reversed some of Number …

Adjusting the Set

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been mostly  keeping to my lodgings in The Village, not going out, thinking and dreaming.

Sometimes when I am half awake, watch tv, strange things happen.


There might be a clue in this ds106 Assignments as to what is going on, and I guess that …

Opposites Attract

Three hints about the song:

1. Released in 2010
2. Hit number 1 on the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard Chart
3. The lead on the song is also a comedian.


This was the first of two audio assignments that I completed this week, and I found the tutorial on it …

Reverse Audio Quiz

This Audio Assignment can be found here:

Can You Guess The Name Of This Song?

This assignment had us talk a song and reverse it for others to guess the name of the song. To do this, I just imported the song of my choice into Audacity and used …

Song Reversed

One of this weeks assignments was to reverse the music of a song file. This assignment was made simple because of the editor in Audacity. I have never thought about reversing a song so this assignment was interesting. It made the song make no sense at all but hopefully you …


For this Audio Assignment I did Reverse Audio Quiz which is 2.5 stars. I had to pick a song that I liked and reverse it then give you three hints so you can try and figure it out.

Here is my track and here are my three hints to see …

Can you guess this reversed song?

For 2 1/2 stars this week, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I chose this because it looked like a fun thing to do, and because I was curious about how some songs would sound backward. While doing this assignment, I ended up messing around a lot. I recorded …

Can you figure out what song this is?

This assignment was to pick a song, play it in reverse, and give some hints as to what the original may be.  I chose the song I did because I wanted a song that still sounded like itself even played in reverse.  That way there would still be a game …

What Song is this?

I completed the Audio Assignment “Reverse Audio Quiz” in which you must reverse an audio file of music and give people three hints as to what the song is. My hints are:
-This song is on the soundtrack of a 2013 film.
-The singer’s genres of music are …

Reverse Audio Quiz

This audio assignment was titled “Reverse Audio Quiz” and was worth 2 and a half stars. It can be found at this link:

Let’s see if someone can guess this song! Here are the hints:
1. This song is co-written and sung by a British singer-songwriter.
2. This song …

Reverse Audio Quiz

Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out …

Can You Guess It Backwards Edition

This Audio Assignment (2.5 stars) had us take a song and put it in reverse for everyone to guess. I took one of my favorite songs. I really like the message and just believe its a beautiful song overall. The artist has enjoyed great success, but to me this …

Reverse Audio

Original Assignment (2.5 stars)

I remember reading an article about classic bands (Eagles, Queen, Led Zeppelin) who are hiding secret satanic messages in their songs when played backwards. Now that is pretty creepy is you ask me, but I never took the time to check out the list of songs …

Reverse Audio Quiz

For another audio assignment, I chose to do the Reverse Audio Quiz (2.5 stars). It took me a while to figure out how to reverse a song on editing software, but once I moved from Garageband to Audacity the process was a lot easier since audacity simply has a “reverse” …

Got a quiz for ya

I decided that it would be a fun idea to try out the reverse audio quiz as one of audio assignments. The assignment is worth 2.5 stars. For this assignment what I had to do was first record the song that I wanted from spotify into audacity. Before actually recording …

Reverse Audio Quiz! (2.5 Stars)


I apologize for how poor the audio is, I tried to fix it but I don’t know what the problem is so I hope you guys can understand the song well enough to guess what it is! Here are the three hints:

Today is the artist’s 42nd birthday…

Guess My Song! – Reverse Audio Quiz (2.5 Stars)

In this assignment, we were suppose to take a song and using software put the song in reverse and post it on our blog for people to guess what is playing. The process for this assignment was very simple, especially now I know how to use Audacity. I love …

Take a shot at my song title…

My Reverse Audio Quiz 2.5 stars

Now that I know more about Audacity, taking a song and getting it to play in reverse was quite simple! I started out recording the infamous, unknown song in Audacity.

After the complete song was recorded, I chose the effect button, and the went …

Reverse, Reverse….

For my last audio assignment I took on the reverse audio quiz. I took a song from Youtube uploaded the url to a Youtube to MP3 converted, saved it under my music file of my library, and imported that track to Audacity. Once that step was completed I went under …

Can You Guess This Classic In Reverse?

Let’s try this again, and for realzies this time! Can you guess this mystery song? I’ll give you some hints: 1. Is you shadow taller than your soul? 2. Pb + Airship 3. Plant + Page

Reverse Song Quiz

Alright so my task was to reverse a song, and create a quiz to try and have people guess it. I edited this song using Audacity, take a listen to the song below and I hope you enjoy the quiz.

Hint 1: This song is by a group who’s name …

Audio Quiz – Which Movie Character Has This Theme In Reverse?

Hints: 1. He was portrayed by many different actors in several films. 2. His personal story is ultimately about redemption. 3. He is not your father.  …

Music Quiz

Picking a song for this assignment was not easy! There are so many different songs. I picked a song that I just recently heard someone else playing outside. Good luck guessing! The answer will be posted in my weekly summary(:


One of his albums, won 3 Grammy awards

Reverse Audio Quiz

Three clues: 1) This Song is off of her new album 2) She is Queen 3) This is song is pure sex Any guesses?!! Now hopefully you guessed right. This song is Partition by Beyonce. It is one of my favorite songs. It is off of her new video album …

Can you guess this popular song?

This audio assignment was pretty simple once I got my bearings with audacity. I had to close and reopen the program because it did not cooperate the first time around. Below is a popular song by a female artist that was and is on the radio quite a bit. This …

What’s the song? Hint: It’s reversed, pets elttil yrevE

Can you guess the song? Its by a member of New Edition. It’s from 1989. Title is pets elttil yrevE…

“Seey oruy oslce oyu hwne erh ese uyo” Song Reversal

I tried to choose a song that everyone in the class would know. It was kind of popular and some might even say it was overplayed on the radio. This assignment was really fun and I’m glad I had the chance to do it. Hope you guys have fun trying …

Give it a guess

Oooh what a fun assignment! My job was to take a clip from a popular song, reverse it, and then post here to see if anyone can guess it! Thankfully Audacity has a nice and simple “Reverse” effect that served this assignment perfectly. I just chose this song because it’s …

Love listening to songs.. Time to reverse it!

As Chris Rene once said, “Got to love life”. Right now, I’ve been trying to use audacity again after having trouble with it in the past for some of my school projects. Now, it seems so simple! I decided to do Reverse Audio Quiz. To do this assignment, I …

Reverse audio assignment: A test of my sanity

Today I did my first audio assignment where I had to reverse a song. It was not so simple as I had imagined and it actually took the better part of my day and sanity. I started with trying to figure it out myself, obviously no luck there. I moved …


For my second audio assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz. So first I’ll tell you how I did it and then I’ll let you listen and guess what the song is.

How I did it:

I didn’t have the song I wanted downloaded on my computer yet so …

Guess the Song!

I did the assignment called “Reverse Audio Quiz” which is a 3.5 star assignment. To reverse my audio track, I downloaded Audacity, imported the original version of the track, and added the “Reverse” effect. That reversed my track. It was very simple. However, it did take me …

Dead Giveaway

Guess what song this is!

Hint #1: You’ve heard this song at least 15 times

Hint #2: This assignment is related to The Wire

Hint #3: If you haven’t gotten it by now, you should probably rethink being in this class


Reverse Audio Quiz

This is a childhood tv show from the 90′s

It has a purple character

All kids sand along

Who knows the answer please comment below!

The Real Answer Here


Assignment Link


On a side note, I chose to create this assignment because I love to do interactive …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial-Reverse Audio Quiz.

Contrary to popular belief this one is not that hard. I think some claim it to be hard to inflate the star rating for assignment purposes.  This is a 5 minute assignment.

For the assignment detains go to
You will need to download Audacity.  This can be done…

How to reverse an audio file

This tutorial is being created for an assignment where you needed to reverse the audio of a song and have people guess it.  However this tutorial can be used for reversing any audio file that you want.  For this tutorial I will be using the Audacity audio editing program along …

An Oldie For The Old

The rumors are true, Audacity is difficult, especially if this is your first time using the application, like myself.This week has been pretty stressful and it’s only Tuesday. I was on the Wire106 Hub and saw this AudioAssignment  done by two fellow classmates so I clicked on the assignment. This …

Reverse Audio Quiz Tutorial

Hey guys so I decided to do my second tutorial on reversing audio. This tutorial, like the assignment is for beginners. Please do not be overwhelmed. This is one of the simplest things you could learn. Which I did not know when I started the process. But the first thing …