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Sounds Around Me

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For this assignment, you are to record the different sounds or noises that you hear throughout your day. This could be sounds you hear in your home, your job, while you’re out for a walk, etc. you should record at least 10 different sounds. Once sounds are recorded, choose an instrumental song to insert your recorded sounds. Try to do it is a way where it flows with the music. Put your own spin on the instrumental song that you choose. Be creative and have fun with this task. Make sure to use some type of audio editing system and upload your piece of work to soundcloud and share it with others.

I got my idea for this assignment from the audio assignment Sound of Your Surroundings

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Sounds around me

Sounds around me for 3 stars.

For This Assignment, You Are To Record The Different Sounds Or Noises That You Hear Throughout Your Day. This Could Be Sounds You Hear In Your Home, Your Job, While You’re Out For A Walk, Etc. You Should Record At Least 10 Different Sounds. …

Mary wash: a day in the life

Sounds around me. I recorded a bunch of sounds throughout my day and put them together in imovie. Then I uploaded it on to youtube. AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments2302

Sounds Around Me

There are sounds all around us. Have you ever stopped and listened to the noises that you hear on a daily basis? These sounds can range from the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth, the noise you hear when you start your car, or even the noise the door makes …

Sounds Around Me

I used Joe Hisaishi‘s music, he is a composer, and I took the instrumental song he wrote as score for Spirited Away.

I had many sounds to record the day my friend came to visit, including us singing, laughing, talking, fountains, generators, rain, conversations with others, wind, and …

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