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The secret life of a spy

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Submitted by: Michael Ryan

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In this assignment the goal is to keep a journal of sorts of your life as a spy. Part storyelling and part roleplaying your job is to put yourself into the shoes of a spy character that you create and write about your life and actions as said characater. The purpose of the assignemnet is to come up with the most interesting and convincing story about your life and experinces of being a spy. 

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Submissions So Far

The Secret Life of A Spy

DAY 1087

I think by this time I’ve gotten the hang of this job. Wake up, go to school, make friends, and blend in – you know, play the role of the innocent student. I don’t know why Mom is always saying to be careful with strangers. I mean I’m …

A Day in the Life of Agent Bongo

Day 1: 

They had no idea that I’m a double agent from the ISCRPA (I never did find out what that acronym stands for). The interview was easier than expected, and I didn’t expect to get the job. The guy who was interviewing me was a complete moron. Betty is …

Dear Diary…


Day 187 in The Squirrel Wars

My human host (I know her as “Mom”) still has no idea of my true identity. I continue to play the doting dog by night and take up my real duties when she leaves for this thing she calls “work”.

Today, when she …

Assignment 3: My Secret Life

Day 464

I have been at this for the past three years and from what i can tell, no one is on to me.  In this process of spying on the head of the philosophy department i have managed to make great progress in the areas of gathering information, as …

The Secret Life of a Spy

Here are a few excerpts from my counter identity’s journal:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today marks the day that I leave my home land. I have been called in on a secret mission in the United States of America. Unfortunately, I cannot yet reveal the details of this mission – …

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