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Unlikely Intersections

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Where Queen and Hooker Meet

Take a photograph of a street sign showing the intersection of two names not likely to meet. No photoshopping, it has to be real! Keep noticing what is around you.

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A Mutually Exclusive Intersection

An intersection of religion and education, while common perhaps shouldn’t be. Are they not mutually exclusive? To have faith in something that can neither be seen nor understood, as is the expectation in religion, seems abominable in education. But then again, consider the following:

Close your eyes. Listen three or …

Unlikely Intersection (2 1/2 stars)

This was such a good idea when I saw it…..not when it was time to execute it! I figured with as many funny roads I have around where I live, such as Beaverdamn, Cuckoo’s nest, Pottysville, etc. That I would have fun with this, however being that I live in …

DS106 Assignment: Unlikely Intersections

The assignment is to take a real life, photo-shopped free photo of an ironic street name. Cemetery Street & its dead end are found in Athens, Georgia.




Visual Assignment-Unlikely Intersections

My family and I laugh every time we pass this corner. Right down the street from my house in Inwood, Manhattan. I seriously wonder if these streets were named by a secret trickster, because this is too much of a coincidence. Though it would be weirder if the signs…

Meet Me at the Corner of…

One of my good friends live on Spring Lake Drive, which is a very interesting road because it crosses over itself. I took this picture for the Unlikely Intersections assignment. It took me forever to figure out, What would be an unlikely intersection and went through road names that I…

In crossing

Irony always makes me laugh. So, the visual assignment of finding an unlikely intersection was fun for me. My finding needs an explanation in order to be ironic. I am closely acquainted with both a Douglas and a William. In fact, soon both will be a part of my family.…

Unlikely Intersections visual assignment for #DS106

I spotted these street names signs and remembered there was a DS106 assignment for this, Unlikely Intersections. Well the combination of street names is not really all that unlikely, in fact they kind of go together. The unlikely part is the survival of the photographer as the only way to…

2 Unlikely Intersections Meet Again

For my last assignment of the week, I decided as I was driving through my home town. I noticed the two street signs, Lamb and New Boston. My first thought was, oh that is probably not good enough, but then I realized that you would never see an actual lamb…

What Progress?

This is the photo I took for the visual assignment “Unlikely Intersection.”  I love American history but I couldn’t tell you very much about what progress Van Buren made when he served as president.  Maybe a history major would like to enlighten me?

What Progress?, a photo by maura_monahan on…

Unlikely Intersections

Doing daily photography makes me take note of many more details around me than I did before. I read a lot of signs, and thought over the last few months that it is interesting to find at intersections road signs for names or things that you would not expect to…

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