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Yam Yarn

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith (for Lisa M Lane)

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Add a yam to your favorite movie and make a picture.

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Submissions So Far

Silence of the Yams

Not really my “favourite” film but funny for me, nonetheless

I Yam Talky Tina

After I posted “I Ain’t No Spud, Bub!” this morning, my Super True New Old Radio Friend @scottlo suggested that the picture would work for the Yam assignment. And I will confess, I did think about this today as I was working with the Potato Head kit.…

YAMS the Man Eating Potato

The assignment was to add a yam to your favorite movie and make a picture. I replaced the shark jaws with a yam. jaws was the first “scary movie” I got to see as a kid and the yam fits perfectly.…

Godzilla versus Yam

Yam Yarn

This is Godzilla, a hero of mine, vanquishing his foe, the diabolical Yam. Why does a Yam have arms you ask? Foolishness! How else would a Yam climb to the top of a municipal building?
As far as the creative process here, I can’t claim to have done…

Before the Shark There was the Tuber

Only because @echoln tweeted her extra large yam comes this un-necessary Yam Yarn assignment for ds106

Yeah, yeah, yam sharks might be a little scary, but nothing is more terrifying than the Great Orange Tuber, the classic story of all times.
This was a quick PhotoShop cut and layer job,…

War of the Yams

Yam mania defines ds106, and like my first yam yarn, I have space yams on my mind.
It’s 11PM and I’m photoshopping yams.
— Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy) January 4, 2012

Hah, Timmmmy, I’m photoshopping yams at 12:30 AM, because IT’S A WAR OUT THERE IN YAM SPACE (as well as…

The Omega Yam

Not really, but like that.  Inspired by @timmmmyboy’s Citizen Yam, and @twoodwar’s take on @jimgroom’s Yams.…

? Citizen Yam

I’m not going to pretend to understand the Yam Yarn but if it’s yams the people want, it’s yams I’ll give them.…

Just when you thought it was safe to eat yams

OK, with this I finally feel like I did a Yams Meme assignment, and I must say it was fun. Though to be fair, Giulia’s Silence of the Yams totally rules. I was thinking about options, and it occurred to me that the Great White in the Jaws poster looks…

I Yam what I Yam

I wanted to play with the Yam meme, but unfortunately spent all day playing with animated GIFs (my true love). That said, I still wanted to amke a showing so I went for a quick pun and found an easy way to play with color layers in GIMP. I found…

Yam Trek! Star Yam!

(full size is one click away)

Star Yam 13: The Final Leftovers is the next series of adventures for Captain James T. Fork of the Starship Yamterprise, it’s 9 year mission, to sek out new plates and new celebrations, to boldly go where no yam has gone before!
It’s a…

Cool Hand Yam

No Yam Can Eat Fifty Eggs!

So the Yam yarn continues with a fine start from Lisa M Lane with her Yamboat, and quickly followed by Scottlo with The Yam Who Would Be King.…

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