The Color Brown In My Life

For this assignment, I had to pick a color to photograph during a typical day and find a song that is relevant to the color I chose.

While my favorite color is blue, I decided to go with brown, as brown is a color that I associate with my character Maria and the weekly assignments page said to incorporate your character as much as possible.

So, I decided to look into songs. I typed in “songs that involve the color brown”, looked at a few of the websites, and come across the song “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. When I looked on YouTube, I found that it had been covered by Jimmy Buffett. I didn’t, and still don’t, know much of¬†Van Morrison, but my relatives like Jimmy Buffett and introduced me to some songs of his. I like those songs, and have god memories of listening to them, so I went with the cover.

Over a few days, I took pictures. Brown isn’t a super common color (it is if you just take pictures of trees, which I didn’t want to do) and I felt very awkward taking pictures, especially when there was a lot of people around.

Once I got the pictures I want, I emailed them from my phone to myself, so I could access them on my computer. I then uploaded them into a folder on my desktop and then into the Microsoft Photos app. I then arranged them into the categories that I wanted them to be in. The assignment seems like its geared towards more of a chronological format, but my style is more organized (when it comes to assignments, not my desk!) and I wanted to give analysis or at least some sense of thought. For each section, as well as the intro and the section comparing Maria and myself, I used blank black pictures to put text over. As I’ve said before, the “Chilled” font makes the black picture tan, which I like.

For the section comparing Maria and myself, and talking about why Maria is connected to the color brown, I used the Pinterest board I made for this post about the Pinterest board. I actually used the video of me scrolling and showing all of the pictures on the board that I made for this post about my favorite assignments. I also took a snipping (using the Snipping Tool) of the journals I picked for her to have from this post I made about what’s in her crypozoologogy backpacking backpack.

After all of the pictures, videos, and text was in, I then inserted the song. First, I uploaded the song using 4K Video Downloader. I then used¬† to convert the file to a MP3 to be able to insert it as music. I then inserted it into the project. I didn’t like how the song didn’t start for a few seconds, so I uploaded to Audacity and cut the first few seconds off. I exported that file, uploaded it to the Photos app again, checked it, and like how and where it sounded. I then inserted the song credits into the project.

After all of that, I uploaded the song to YouTube and wrote this post.

All in all, this was an OK assignment. The hardest part was taking the photos. Not only did I have to be observant, but I also had to curb my awkwardness and discomfort to take the photos. It did feel, and I’m sure look, a bit odd to take pictures of a stairwell a ladder! It did take me out of my comfort zone, like the Design Blitz did, which is something creativity and art (though I would’n r consider this art) should do. I feel more confident with taking odd, random pictures in public now. Maybe that will come in handy later, or maybe not!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


Song Credits:

“Brown Eyed Girl”

Written by Van Morrison

Covered by Jimmy Buffett



For my final mashup assignment this week, I did the “What Color is Your World?” assignment. I chose the color blue, because that’s my character Little Rascal’s favorite color.

I took pictures throughout the day (at work ,at lunch, at home) of blue objects and uploaded them into a video. I added in Eiffel 65’s “Blue” as the soundtrack because – duh – it’s about a blue world.

The song really is perfect. It gets the point across well.

My World is Baby Blue

I loved editing videos last week, so I decided to do a video mashup. The What Color is Your World?  assignment instructed me to photograph a single color throughout a typical day and layer it with a song about that color. I decided to film blue things around my room in motion as opposed to just compiling still photos. Some things I recorded included blankets, robes, a bottle of perfume, the sky, and my colored contacts.

Once I had enough footage to edit, I imported the clips into Windows Movie Maker, trimmed, rearranged, and slowed them down to match the vibe of the song I chose, which was Baby Blue by King Krule. Although I filmed blue objects in my video, once I started playing with¬†video effects, I found a blue filter and decided to use it on¬†several clips to enhance the color. It’s very amateur but I think¬†I did a nice job of editing the footage to compliment the song.

What Color is Your World? 

For this assignment, I took a day walked around and photographed everything I saw that was green, outside and in my dorm room. I chose the song “In the Mood” because this sounds like a song they would play during World War II and that reminds me of the military and their green uniforms so that is why I chose this song to represent the color green.

The World in Colour

As I am a visual learner, and I often notice the colours of things first before anything else. So doing the ‘What colour is your world?‘ task seemed really fun as a task and as a thought experiment.

The task set is to pick a colour and take pictures of the things in that colour that you encounter in your life.

the colour I chose was the colour blue as I think that it appears a lot in my day to day life and I wanted to see how much it does actually appear or whether I am just being biased.


So as it turns out there are many things I encounter in my daily life that are associated with the colour blue and even though I don’t consider blue my favourite colour, I do seem to buy a lot of things that are blue and have them in my life.

How Brown Rules My World

For my last assignment this week, I chose to do What Color is Your World?¬†I also chose to do this assignment from Marlene’s perspective, so I tweaked the rules a little because I couldn’t take all the pictures (western scenery, horse, bull ride) myself. I’m also assuming that Marlene is able to take pictures by some means in her old western town. I took a picture of our dog food for Marlene’s dog, and some coffee which she starts her day with. I then have a picture of one of the brown bar stools that she uses at her place. I then googled and found a picture of western scenery that is outside of Marlene’s place as she is traveling to Rose’s bull riding competition. The next scene is Rose riding the bull and then a scene where she sees a few men traveling on her way back home. Once back home, there is a picture of some of the liquor offered at her tavern/bar. I used the song home on the range in the background because I thought it was fitting for the old western time.

White everything

For this assignment I took pictures of everything white I saw throughout the day. ¬†I emailed the photos that I took on my phone to my email address and uploaded them onto Movie Maker. ¬†I used the song “all white everything” by Young Jeezy because I couldn’t think of any other song that was non-Christmas related to correspond.

What Color Is Your World?


I chose to do the What Color Is Your World assignment for my last project. For this assignment, you are to pick a color that you see throughout your world each day, and capture photos of things of that particular color. Then, you are to choose a song that is relevant to the color that you chose and make a short clip featuring your pictures and your song of choice. I chose to focus on the color yellow and chose to use the song Yellow by Coldplay as the background song for my clip. I took pictures of yellow things I saw over the course of about three days. I took the photos on my phone and emailed them to myself to upload to my computer. I created my clip using a web-based video maker called WeVideo. I simply uploaded the song Yellow, and attached my pictures to the song clip. This was a fun assignment to work on, because it made me very aware of what I was seeing moment to moment. Things I might normally have skimmed right over, I was instead seeking out. It was a neat process of learning to be aware of my surroundings, and finding joy in some of the smaller moments of my day.

It’s All Green To Me

So like I said earlier, I really like using Windows Movie Maker so I got to use it again in this mashup! The task was to pick a color that is prevalent in your life and take pictures of it. Then you are supposed to pick a song to play in the background while your [...]

What Color is Your World?

This week we had to do six stars of remix on top of the preassigned assignments.  For my next remix assignment I did what color is your world? which is worth two stars.  In this assignment you had to pick a color and photograph it throughout your day.  You then had to pick a song to go along with it that represented that color that you choose.

When trying to think of colors the first color that I thought of what Yellow.  This was largely because I really love the Coldplay song Yellow.  After just a few minutes of tying to take pictures, I quickly realized that I have like nothing that was yellow.   I decided that I was going to have to try to come up with a different song to do this assignment to.  After a few minutes of thinking I realized that I had overlooked the obvious song choice, Red.  I believe I have used this song previously (because it is a Taylor Swift song and I have used just about every Taylor thing possible at this point) but I knew it would be perfect for this.  I started taking pictures for this I realized that Red what a much better fit.  I had a TON of red things just around my room.

After taking pictures, I imported them into iMovie along with the song red.  I played with the effects a bit to make them flow nicely. After that I cropped the song quite a bit.  I choose to go with the original demo version of the song (which was also on her cd) because I thought it fit a bit better.   Throughout the song she talks about a multitude of colors (red being the main one) so I cropped it until I was able to find a part that only had her singing about red. Here is my final product:

2 stars down and 4 to go!