Mashup Assignments

That’s Not It

Edit a scene from a movie or TV show to make it seem like the subject of conversation is something entirely different. A dinosaur in Jurassic Park? No, it’s a cat. The Death Star? No, it’s a watermelon. See how convincing you can make the new scene.

Digital Coloring and Music

Use google’s digital coloring of famous artwork, screen-record yourself filling it in, mash the video with a song, and post it!

Twitch Emote Mashup

Are you an avid Twitch watcher? Do you use Chrome extensions such as FrankerFaceZ, BetterTwitchTV, or 7TV to see exclusive emotes created by the community? If so, this is the perfect assignment for you. Pick your favorite streamer and your favorite Twitch emote and combine the two somehow! Use key elements from an emote and apply it to a picture of the streamer, combine one of the streamer’s exclusive subscriber emotes with another, or whatever you like, as long as you’re combining the essence of a streamer with your favorite emote!

This assignment is listed as 3 stars but it can be counted as 4, but there’s a catch. If you’re able to have the streamer activate the emote you create in their channel and have an exciting experience with chat using it, write about that in the blog post to get an extra star!

Coming Soon: Something That Already Exists

Movie studios seem to be really into using characters and stories they already made, huh? Between remakes, reboots, and the popularity of adapting media from one form to another, it feels like no one has any original ideas. Embrace it! Your assignment is to make a movie trailer for a character or movie that already exists, as if it was going to be remade in live-action. Who would you cast as the lead? Or as the villain? Scour the internet and find clips where they look or sound like those characters, then combine them into a trailer! (If you choose a movie that’s already been remade in live-action, try to avoid using clips from that version. It’s time to make your own!

Music and Imagery and Explanation

Mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from the best song in the movie. Using Adobe Photoshop or comparable, play with overlays, Image effects, Opacity, and Masks to create one cohesive piece. – I took this idea from another Mashup by Emma Cate and I just wanted to state that I think it is important to put why you think this movie and song go together and give the explanation behind it!

Music and Imagery

Mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from it’s best song in the movie. Using Adobe Photoshop or comporable, play with overlays, Image effects, Opacity, and Masks to create one cohesive piece. 

Similar Songs

Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at parts to highlight how much they sound alike.

Is this the right movie?

Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves. For instance, you can have your movie be about kids playing on a Summer day, but your ad shows a spooky side to the plot. A good “everything is not what it seems” kicker. Your movie could be an action packed movie called “Fight It”, but in your ad you can show everyone laughing as if it is a comedy. There are many ways you can mashup this assignment. Make it your own!

Storytelling Through Text

Chances are you’ve probably seen those creepy ads on YouTube which tells horror stories through text. Now it’s your turn to tell a story. It can be horror, comical, or serious… it is up to you! Grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. Before you start texting, make sure to turn on the camera so you can record the story or download an app to record your screen.

Animoji Karaoke

Have an iPhone? Create yourself using Apple’s Animoji and sing or lip sing to your favorite song! Save the video and upload it to your blog. Make sure to include 1) Why do you think your character looks like you? 2) Why did you chose this song? This mashup includes elements from video, audio, and written work.