Audio Assignments

Spooky Season

Within this assigment, you must find some spooky sounds and create a scary audio clip. Select more than four sounds and overlap them on a program like Audacity. You can use Freesound to select your sounds. Make them as spooky as possible. Good luck!

80’s Product Radio Commercial

Create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80’s. Add in some background music and/or sound effects to make it sound like a real radio commercial.

Jamming with Dave

Someone was kind enough to make a “David Lee Roth – Running with the Devil Isolated Vocal Track” (You can download it with right-click, Save Linked Content As. It may be slightly different depending on your OS & browser) We can’t let that effort go to waste. Mix Diamond Dave’s vocalizations with another audio track – music, interview, conversation, whatever – to make something new and amusing.

There are a couple remixes of it out there already. Someone even made a soundboard out of it. What can you do with it? Do Dave proud.

Recreate a short movie using only sounds

Take one of your favorite movies or scene from a movie and tell the story using sound effects! There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects! Record your own sounds, use audacity, or use websites that have pre-recorded sounds for you to download to create your audio movie. Post your ‘audio movie’ and share it with the class to see if they can guess what movie you are describing!

Tell A Story

We’ve all had to create characters, now it is time to tell their stories. Tell a story pertaining to your character. This can be either from your character’s point of view or it can be told from the perspective of a narrator. Record yourself telling the story and add sound effects or music to the background for further detail and enhanced storytelling. Try to make the story between 2 to 5 minutes long. Be creative!

Sick beat

Make a sick beat, using whatever you can find on, and whatever you can record around you! I don’t care how long it is, just get groovy dood.

Sounds Around Me

For this assignment, you are to record the different sounds or noises that you hear throughout your day. This could be sounds you hear in your home, your job, while you’re out for a walk, etc. you should record at least 10 different sounds. Once sounds are recorded, choose an instrumental song to insert your recorded sounds. Try to do it is a way where it flows with the music. Put your own spin on the instrumental song that you choose. Be creative and have fun with this task. Make sure to use some type of audio editing system and upload your piece of work to soundcloud and share it with others.

I got my idea for this assignment from the audio assignment Sound of Your Surroundings

Speech and Story audio Distortion

The idea of this assignment is to take a speech, it can be political or not, and distort the audio making the speech giver say horrible, strange or funny things. A great software to use for this assignment would be Logic Pro which enables you to cut, chop and distort audio. A great example of this can be found on my website in which I took a speech given by President Donald Trump and cut and spliced it to make it seem odd and strange. This assignment should be fun and should create many unique and creative audio pieces. Staying within the boundaries of our theme; legend, myth and folklore, an idea for this assignment would be taking audio recordings of stories that involve these themes and distorting them in the same way as metioned previously.

Make Noise from a Normal Sample

Make Noise!! The title is pretty self explanitory. Take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely unrecognizable sound. For example, take a dog barking and make it sound like tv static. This can be accomplished using any DAW (digital audio workspace, for those unaware) or some online audio editor.

Rap Remix

Take a popular rap song and rewrite the lyrics to create something that people living in a post-apocalyptic could realate to.