Design Assignments

Create a Logo that is simple but detailed

As designers are shfiting towards the KISS – Keep it simple stupid formula and creating Logos that are super simple and easy to understand. I want a something challenging Logo that is simple yet detailed. I know it is hard to a achieve but not impossible. You can use logo generator tools like or

Some instructions:

  1. It should be minimalist Logo
  2. Colors should be material as Google/Android
  3. Font should be bold 
  4. Try to put some details within the starting line. 

I hope that you’ll be able to do it. If you want any reference on how to make it, try to follow these instructions.

Favorite Movie Quote

Choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.

DS106 Word Cloud

Near the end of your time completing DS106 complete a Word Cloud that encompasses the class and all that you have learned!  There are plenty of different online tools to help you create a Word Cloud!

Triple Rocktroll Lyrics

As an homage to the popular Triple Quotes assignment, this one puts a rock music twist on it.

Find an image of a well known rock star, add to it a phrase by song lyric by someone related in some way to the star in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related musician. From Know Your Memes:

(1) Get a picture of rock star people idolize. Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison — any beloved rock star from the 1970s will do.

(2) Slap on a phrase from the song lyric from a similar musician from a different band or era. Pick something close enough that a non-fan might legitimately confuse them. If you’re using Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, for example, you’ll probably want to grab a song lyric from say, the band Spirit (whom Led Zeppelin was accused of lifting the riff for Stairway to Heaven)

(3) Attribute the lyric to another band or musician from yet a third confusing space (maybe Eric Clapton).

This way, nothing about your image is correct, and you’re trolling fans of all three characters at once. Inspired by the “Nickelchad” example by Terry Greene

Menu Design

For this assignment, you are going to deisgn your own menu! You can use any layout software (I used InDesign) but anything will work!

Missing Person

Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster!

Motivational Poster

Find an image and design a Motivational Poster for that situation. It should include advice or a favorite quote. Feel free to get creative or make it sarcastic. 

Recover a classic

Help out the Creative Action Network and Recover A Classic. Design a book cover for one of the public domain classics on their list ( It’s for a good cause. Details are on the site. 

long distance relationship

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If 106 turned out to be Stine

You remember Goosebumps, don’t you? Then surely you can appreciate the idea of reimagining horror films as children’s books. This assignment is inspired by (or lifted wholesale from) Theodore Holmstead-Scott’s and Jude Deluca’s If I Were Stine ( project. Take your favorite scary film and design a Goosebumps book based on it. This means not only choosing a cover image, but also coming up with Goosebumps-style title, cover and back cover, with appropriate text.