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Super tattoo

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This is based on the “Tattoos that Describe you” assignment ( Create a tattoo design that represents your superpower or explains what you would do as a superhero.

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If I Can Turn Back Time *Cue Cher*

Super tattoo

For this assignment, I was inspired to use in my opinion one of my favorite superheroes and her powers, Hermione and her time turner necklace. Her character is brilliant in the story of Harry Potter and I fell in love with the concept of being able to manipulate …

Another One Bites the Dust

Week 2 Daily Creates

I started this week late due to family visiting my home and unfortunate events with my spouse’s vehicle, but when I finally checked in I was stoked to see the inclusion of the daily create. I wanted to participate in them, but it would slip my …

Super Tattoo

The superhero character I created, Madame Polygraph, has a super power which enables her to tell if people are lying based off a pinch in her foot. So, she had this tattoo of sound waves tattooed on her foot as a way of representing her super power. Although she can …

Super Tattoo

For my “select one” assignment, I chose to make my own superpower tattoo.

I cannot stand driving. I don’t like sitting in the car sitting in traffic. I don’t like the drain of watching the road in front of me. The only times I do enjoy it are when …

Week 6 Assignments!

 DesignAssignments2115 was my first assignment I did. I was able to create my super hero Super Nova by using .This was 4 stars. 

My next design assignment was DesignAssignments2101. I  used an online font creator. This was 2 and 1 half stars. 

My next design was DesignAssignments2099 this was …

Superhero Tattoo

My superhero, Safety Stan, is known to be the best crossing guard around. He can teleport to and fro to help his community cross the street. He loves his stop sign and enjoys helping others.

For this assignment, I gave Safety Stan a tattoo on his bicep of a stop …

Super tattoo

So for the Super Tattoo assignment, I was supposed to design a tattoo that represents my superpower. This was hypothetical, but I’ll do you one better.

I already DID design my super tattoo. And I spent 20+ hours under the needle for it. It’s a cherry blossom branch. It represents …

Harry Potter/Superhero Tattoo


This is a rough idea of what I thought my superhero, the Black Dahlia. I thought about the fact that she was a botanist and likely a nerdy person so I combined the Harry Potter emblem for Deathly Hallows and added instead of a wand a sprig of lavender …

Super Tattoo (Week Six):

Super Tattoo

For this assignment, I was instructed to create a tattoo design that represents your superpower or explains what you would do as a superhero. I obviously took the opportunity to create a tattoo centered around my character – Jester. I decided that creepy smiles is the one characteristic …

A Tattoo for Little Rascal

For our superhero-specific design assignment, I decided to go with the “Super Tattoo” assignment. I also figured it would be a good fit to incorporate my superhero character, so rather than design one for myself, I designed it for Little Rascal.

Here’s what I wound up with:

The design is …

Morph Shadow’s Super Tattoo

This week, I decided to complete the Super Tattoo assignment as a part of design week. However, instead of creating a tattoo that describes me as it states in the description of the assignment, I created one for my character Morph Shadow. Morph Shadow’s tattoo is very subtle and simple, …

Super Tattoo

Super Tattoo

For this assignment I had to create a tattoo that reflects my superhero. I am not big on tattoos nor do I have one but this assignment seemed like something neat to do. Since my superhero is a super chef I had to incorporate chef stuff into her …

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