Video Assignments

10 tips

10 tips…so many different options to do. What do you have 10 tips on? You could inform me on tips when going to the movie theatre, tips to get through quarentine, tips to get through school, ds106….hehe. Anything you want! What are you an expert in?

Bring me to work with you

Where do you work at? What do you do at work? Can you show us? Make a video going to work and showing us what you do, where you work, and why you love it. Almost like a day in the life!

Cooking Show, but sassy

We all know those cooking shows where the TV chef is usually making something that sounds delicious, but by the time we get all the ingredients and actually make the thing they made, it’s not as good as we thought it would be? Or how about those times that you have grand plans for a recipe or meal, but it turns south quickly? What if cooking shows were realistic, and showed how not everything goes as planned, or is fantastic as we want it to be? For this assignment, make a cooking show or highlight a recipe that you can make that is not TV chef worthy, but good enough to eat, and if you’re lucky, enjoy. 

Make a video poem

Have a favorite poem? Record yourself reading out loud and set it to a related video (favorite episode clips or movie clips, animate something, the choice is yours!)

A toast!

Your job is to give a pretend toast to a celebrity, movie/tv character, or widely known person. How do you know the person? Is the relationship professional? Are you friends? Tell us all about it in a video. Add a glass if youre feeling spicy!

Make an Argument

Make an argument about something youre passionate about. Make a video with a presentation explaining your arguement and why you’re right. Feel free to get creative with it, use prezi or google slides, and zoom to record it!

Create a Short Documentary

Create a short documentary, no more than 20 minutes in length. Make it on any topic of your choosing! Be sure to cite your sources, though! Make it on anything that interests: history, sports, music, movies, etc. Just make it informative and engaging!

Create Your Own Animated Trailer

This was inspired by the “Draw a Western Themed Movie Trailer” assignment!
Create an animated trailer by using a program like Procreate, Photoshop, GIMP, etc. Draw each panel individually and loop them together to make at least a 30 second clip. You can either work to make the entire trailer by animating it all in the same project, or make several smaller ones to make a trailer. This is a time consuming process but it should be very rewarding in the end! Finish the entire thing by adding some music and uploading it!

Speed Roasting

Ever wanted to make fun of something? Well one way to do it is by speed roasting! Make a video in which you make fun of different things all at once! It could be a product or a movie or a series of products or movies. If you wanted to make fun of one thing, make a longer version of it and roast it in many ways. Or, roast a bunch of things in short separate ways.

Example: Quick roasts of a variety of fast food restaurants.

Get Ready With Me!

Record yourself getting ready! Whether it be how you get ready for your day, ready for bed, ready for an event, makeup look, etc. See if you can edit the video to speed through parts that may take a second (i.e. washing your face, brushing your teeth…) and create a voice over of the process. For inspiration, look up any “Get ready with me” video on YouTube! Have fun with it, maybe even make a (tasteful) parody version.