Video Assignments

What I eat in a day

Record everything you ate that day. Add music! Make it ASMR! Make it cute!

Every Hour Vlog

For one day, take a short video during every hour you’re awake, and then string the clips together to create a montage. The goal is to make a complete video that gives the person watching a full picture of your day. Experiment with video production and be creative! Try out different transitions, visuals, etc.

This assignment is based off of Jordan Taylor’s videos—check them out if you need some inspiration! (Note: in each Every Hour Vlog, Jordan filmed every hour on the hour. You don’t need to be quite as strict as that, but make sure you get at least one clip every hour.)

Interview Yourself

Each year since 2017 Vanity Fair interviews Billy Eilish, and in many ways it is an introspective in which she is talking to her former self as the years go on. I hope when you’re reading this they are still doing them! But now it’s your turn. The first part is easy, make a list of questions you want to aks yourself, turn on the camera and hit record. A year from now, take the same questions and record yourself answering them again. Feel free to edit in responses from the previous year and even reactions to those previous answers. As the years go on perhaps you’ll learn more about yourself and who you are becoming.

Point of View

For this assignment, take a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of your character. Make sure to weave it into the story you are telling and include actions/materials that your character would use. Also, you could edit it in iMovie and add music. 

On the other hand, if this is not for your character, then you could still complete this assignment by compiling short videos of your day told through your point of view and edit them together in iMovie, or any other video editing software. 

Personal Gag Reel

Create a gag reel of your funniest moments captured on video!

Make a Workout Video!

Make a video that shows us how you workout! You can do an instructional video or a video similar to what you may see from a fitness expert on social media. Be creative!

Create a Commercial

Create a promotional commercial for an event or product that is coming out in the future. Once you have created the video post it to youtube and tag ds106.

Save the Sea Turtles

This is a remix project for my composition class.  I’d like a video that can play as commercials and screensavers in hotels and beachfront areas to bring awareness to sea turtle nesting.  I’d like to target teens and adults, both male and female using the research from my essay.  

Character Moive Trailer

Create a moive trailer based on your character and your class theme. For mine it was spy themed. So, I made mine about a cover for my character. I used iMoive to make mine and it was super fun and simple. Post it to YouTube then blog about! Be creative and have fun with it!

Movie Trailer

Make a movie trailer that has to do with your spy. Affter making the trailer, write in a blog post what the movie would be about and who it would star and co-star. Be specific and creative!