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10 Seconds of Thanks

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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1. Using a timer, write what you’re thankful for in just 10 seconds! Anything and everything that you can think of being thankful for is fair game, but stop at 10 seconds.
2. Share what you’ve written on a blog, wiki, or some other digital space that others can comment on.
3. Bonus! Complete a 10 second drawing of yourself to accompany your writing, inspired by the November 19th, 2012 Daily Create!

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Submissions So Far

Thanksgiving in January

10 Seconds of Thanks Writing Assignment– 2.5 Stars

For this assignment I wrote down as many things that I am thankful for as I could in 10 seconds. 10 seconds is obviously very quick, but I was able to write down a few things that I am thankful for …

10 Seconds of Thanks

The goal of this post is for me to be able to come back and look at what I’m thankful for. To have a visible reminder of the good in my life, rather than just trying to come up with it on the spot. So, without further ado, let’s begin!…

Ten Seconds of Thanks!

For this second writing assignment we were suppose to time ourselves for 10 seconds and in those 10 seconds come up with a list of things we are thankful for. For “bonus points” we were told to draw a picture of ourselves in 10 seconds as well.

Here is what …

10 Seconds of Being the Blandest Person

To start off my evening of writing assignments for DS106 I decided to do this 10 seconds of thanks prompt because there’s nothing like rushing to say all the things you’re grateful for to wake you up. Here’s what I managed to pull together, including my 10 second portrait (beautiful, …


Finally, I chose a timed writing assignment that was 2.5 stars totaling 8.5 stars. This assignment says that you have 10 seconds to say all the things you are thankful for. As a bonus, you also get 10 seconds to draw a self-portrait. I had ti force myself to not …

10 Seconds Isn’t Enough

The writing assignment I decided to do was 10 Seconds of Thanks. I really liked this assignment because it was something that I could truly express how I feel about all the things for which I give thanks, but also because it is quick and makes you really think. …


I was only able to write 5 things down in 10 seconds but there is a combination of people, sports, and of course food. Sums me up pretty well!

Gratitude Makes a Difference

Gratitude is an essential characteristic to have. It allows you to have a positive outlook on life instead of a negative outlook. I am usually a very negative person and I don’t tend to look at the positives in my life. I wanted to do this exercise to help myself …

10 Seconds of Thanks

Below are are of the things I could type in 10 seconds that I’m thankful for. In hindsight, I should have added Joe Biden’s dank memes, but those 10 seconds went by too quick for me.

My health
my girlfriend
my family

This was a …


This assignment was hard. 10 seconds to give all your thanks? There’s not enough time in a day to possibly do that. I had my friends time me and I wrote down the first couple things that came to my mind in this short time. They ended up being cliché …

I’m Thankful

For the 10 Seconds of Thanks Visual Assignment, I thought of what I was thankful for in my daily life personally and in business. I wrote what I am thankful for directly into this post and also posted a photograph of a 10 second pen drawing of me. This assignment …

Little Wonderer.

I can’t believe I am so lucky to have such a blessed life … 10 seconds is not enough for me and my wordiness to capture the exact degree of my lucky-ness.The things I am grateful for are, in no particular order: Faith Friends Family Hope Strength Health Creativity Life

Little Wonderer.

I can’t believe I am so lucky to have such a blessed life … 10 seconds is not enough for me and my wordiness to capture the exact degree of my lucky-ness. But since this particular writing assignment prompted us to do both a ten-second write and doodle, I figured …

10 Seconds of Thanks

This was difficult,  I was surprised how quickly 10 seconds could go by.  I know I missed some things, probably some very important things, I don’t think extremely clearly when I’m under pressure.

Here is what I am thankful for:

My family

My health

My home

My life

My friends…

Thankful for….

I could not even list half of what I am so thankful for but I got the most important ones in my life. 10 seconds is not long enough to express my thanks in life but here are the ones that mean the most to me:

– Supporting Family

-Good …

Im Thankful That I Have Stuff To Be Thankful About

10 seconds. What are you thankful for? On your marks, get set, GO!

For my second writing assignment of the week I chose 10 seconds of thanks. You have 10 seconds to write down as many things you can that your thankful for. I put my iphone stopwatch on …

10 Seconds of Thanks

10 seconds was not long enough to describe everything that I am thankful for nor to draw a picture of myself. But here is what I was able to come up with:

-Thank you to my FAMILY
-Thank you to my FRIENDS
-Thank you for my HEALTH
-Thank you for …

10 Seconds of Thanks

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m thankful for my friends.

I’m thankful for health (including people around me).

10 seconds were so short to write what I am thankful for.


quick thanks

thankful for: pizza friends mary wash showers

10 Seconds of Thanks

Harvey Mackay once said, “Talent is God-given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.” Everyone’s got to be thankful for everything. You’re living a life, you should be thankful. You’re breathing, you should be thankful. You get to live in a house and eat everyday, …

Thankful Herc

Given everything that has happened, I thought it’d be best that I take the time to do this assignment on saying what I am thankful for in 10 seconds.

So here it goes..

My friendships specifically Kima and Carver
The experience I gained
The good I tried to do

Ten Seconds of Thanks: Jimmy McNulty Style

So, for my second assignment, I chose a writing assignment. I was scrolling through them and none of them caught my eye. But then I saw the 10 seconds of thanks one. I liked the fact that I could do it from Jimmy’s point of view, especially since in episode …

Arietty Goes House Shopping

I went house shopping today. I think I am in love with this backyard!

Check out the video I made about the backyard. While I was taking pictures, I thought about how I really feel about this class. Even though I struggled a little bit in this class, I still …

10 Seconds of Thanks Assignment — Reining

ok…here goes:


family, friends, comfortable shoes, bed, good food, headache medicine, headphones, pens that don’t skip


not a bad list…


Bonus:  draw a picture of you to complete your list:

<:-)  my hair is sticking out….. lol


I did the 10 Seconds of Thanks assignment because …

Ten Second Thank You Challenge

My Ten Second Thank You

I chose to complete the 10 Seconds of Thanks Challenge.

 The   Assignment Directions specify that I set a timer for ten seconds and write a list of everything I am thankful for.   I reset the timer for another ten seconds and drew a sketch of …

10 Seconds of Thanks

For my second blog post, I chose to complete the 10 Seconds of Thanks challenge.

In accordance with the assignment directions, I set a timer for ten seconds and using pen and paper, then wrote down everything for which I was thankful. (There was way more that I could …

10 Seconds of Thanks!!!

I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for my friends
I am thankful for the opportunities I have in my life
I am thankful for the food I am fed everyday
I am thankful for my education
I am thankful for the love I am given.…

DS 106 Assignment 1

For this assignment, I had to write the things in which I am thankful for in 10 seconds and then draw a picture of what I listed within 10 seconds as well.


Very Thankful

10 Seconds of Thanks Family, Friends, Health, My dog.

10 Seconds of Thanks

It’s only 2 days until one of my most beloved holidays here in the United States, Thanksgiving. A day for families far flung around the country or close-knit to come together and be thankful for all that we are be blessed to have. Whether you’re thankful for your family, a roof over your head, a …

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Tutorials So Far

10 Seconds of Thanks Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial for the 10 seconds of thanks, it involves using a pen and pencil and not your computer. Gasp! I think sometimes we need a reminder of how to use these archaic technologies.

1) Find a time keeping utility- watch, clock, phone, etc.

2) Grab …