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911, What’s Your Emergency?

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Most people don’t get to call 911, and you never get to call 911 unless it’s a true emergency. Well here’s your chance to "Call 911" and have some fun! Create a recording of how you think a 911 call would play out. It doesn’t have to be a real emergency at all! Operator: “What’s your emergency?” Caller: “THERES NO PEANUT BUTTER FOR PB&J SAMMICHES!!!!” Get creative!

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911, What’s Your Emergency?


My dog is a LITERAL fire hazard! Puchi, my Chihuahua has this insane habit of moving her beds around the apartment, in very inconvenient places. And for some odd reason whenever my roommate Tala goes to sleep, Puchi moves her bed RIGHT IN FRONT …

What is an emergency? 9-1-1

Everyone has a different view of what could be an emergency. I have worked in first response for a little while and what some people view as en emergency I look at like daily issues or just another day at the office.

This assignment is to kind of to make …

Where is Becky?!?!

Since it was valentines day this week, I thought I would take the drama to the next level. This was a lot of fun….I would suggest this to anyone!!


Stop Taking the Internet so Seriously

This is my response to the 911, What’s Your Emergency? assignment worth 3.5 stars. All recording was done in Reaper. I used built in plugins to remove background noise from the recordings and I played around a bit with the equalization of my voice. I chose to make this project …



Well, that was pretty strange. I was having a pretty average day until this guy called. I wonder what his problem was. Demanding a million dollars, buying a million burgers, insulting the operator, something definitely was up with this guy. I do hope he is okay because he seemed …

Hungry 911 Caller

This is the story of someone who is extremely hungry and wants a home cooked meal but doesn’t want to make or order food. For this obvious emergency the person called 911 and this is the conversation that ensued:

The 911 operator took one for the emergency line and sent …

911, What’s Your Emergency?

You can find this assignment at and its worth 3.5 stars for this weeks assignment bank requirement.  I used audacity and my cell phone.  I wrote out a short script, read it and altered the pitch of my voice with Audacity.  It didn’t take too long and was …

We’ve Run Out Of Coffee, a sound bite;



3.5 stars


I had a ton of fun with this one, and it was super simple. I did not write a script, I kind of went with what came to my mind. I love coffee more than I can adequately put into words. So of course my …

Parking Spot Bandit

Most people don’t get to call 911, and you never get to call 911 unless it’s a true emergency. Well here’s your chance to “Call 911” and have some fun! Create a recording of how you think a 911 call would play out. It doesn’t have to be a real …

911, What’s your emergency? – Audio Assignment

For this week’s ds106 audio assignment I chose to do the 911 What’s your emergency  assignment.

I am keeping this assignment in line with my focal theme of the experiences of a new mother.  Sometimes I wished there was an emergency hotline to call for those first few weeks of …

911, What’s Your Emergency? – 3.5 stars

This assignment was to make a fake 911 call. We were to have fun with it. Since my daughter likes to do some of the creative stuff with me, she was the 911 operator. It was hard to catch us not laughing trying to find something funny to come up …

911 FAKE Emergency

For my final assignment this week I created a fake 911 call. The reason? Netflix had run out of episodes of The Office! Take a listen.

911 Call

911 Call – 3.5 STARS

For this assignment, I did a fake 911 call of a woman with a hangnail.

911 What’s your Emergency?

It was easy having fun with this one – I have had to make two 911 calls in my lifetime. One worse than the other . . . they are hard, scary and very upsetting!! The operator is very annoying although she is just trying to do her job and …

The Most Pressing of Emergencies

911, what’s your emergency?

3 1/2 stars

For my first audio project this week, I did the 911 call prompt.

I’ve never gotten to call 911 before and it’s actually a little disappointing. This project was almost liberating, finally giving me the opportunity I’ve never had.

I enlisted the …

Help Me!

This assignment (3.5 stars) was fun to make! With the help of my friends and it wasn’t that bad! I got the idea from real life when my friends started arguing about Tinder. I was laughing at them and decided to use it for ds106! I recorded the audio …

Listen Linda

For my final audio assignment I decided to do the 911 call. I mashed up a 911 disptacher video, a 3 year old arguing with his mom, and a grandma singing wrecking ball to create my 911 call. I hope you all enjoy it.

911 What’s your real emergency?

It’s fun to choose assignments from the assignments bank. The one I decided to choose this time is the “911, What’s your emergency?”. To me what struck me to do this, it sounds like a fun assignment when reading the title and when I read in the description to …

911 emergency! I don’t have shorts.

I find picking the assignments from the bank can be fun and interesting if you go a few pages into the list. This time I found one for doing a mock 911 call and recording it.

But in the spirit of the layering ideas the professor wants us to do. …

911 Again…

Ok This is a repeat. My Twilight emergency maybe was featured on Jim Groom’s hosting of the 18th episode of ScottLo’s LoDown. I heard Jims thoughts and decided, I could definitely do this better. I had fun playing in audacity with this one. The “pink noise” was a …

911 Call

For this assignment (…our-emergency/ ) I was supposed to make a fake 911 call and be the operators voice and the callers voice. It said the funnier the better, but as soon as I saw this assignment I thought of the twilight zone episode, “Time enough at last” This …

A funny emergency

“I know this is 911! This is an EMERGENCY!! I just broke my only pair of glasses to read and I am the last person on this land! HELP ME! Bring me a pair of glasses! I HAVE to read! This is just not fair! You cannot leave me here …

Twilight Emergency…maybe

Assignment: Record what a 911 call would be like. Doesn’t have to be serious.

I wanted to be silly and have fun with this one. It is in tribute to The Twilight Zone, “Midnight Sun”.

911 Call

Unfortunately I have had to make a good number of 911 calls in my life. Nevertheless, I decided to goof around for the “911, Whats’s Your Emergency” assignment. I used Garageband for this assignment. For the 911 operators voice I created an audio layer (“track”) using the ‘radio male’ filter. …

The Midnight Call

So I based this audio assignment off of The Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun.”  The assignment was to create a fake 911 call which I did by myself on garageband. The actors are a skeptical operator and a victim of the midnight sun’s heat.

It’s pretty silly but probably …

Stuck in the Twilight Zone

I incorporated the Twilight Zone into my fake 911 call.  I found this fake call at and edited it in Audacity.

What’s your emergency? assignment.

Difficulty: 3 1/2 stars…


Julie has attended a forbidden party and has just realized that she is now wanted by the police. A police officer detects her and she runs away.

For this little audio story I altered the ds106 assignment “911, What’s Your Emergency?” in the way that a police officer calls …

911, whats your emergency?

Audio assignment two stars->

This is a really funny one to me, this is an actual recording of a reverse 911 call I made to my friend. My cousin has this software which changes the caller id of his phone which allowed me to make my friend think it …

911, What’s Your Emergency?

Psh, I work for Emergency Services, who didn’t see this one coming? This assignment is a giant two-fer if you ask me! I get to complete an Assignment Proposal as well as work on my final project. If you read my post about The Final Countdown you could guess that my Final Project relates to emergencies and the like. However, what you can’t see, is that @cogdog opened my eyes to a real story to tell when he said ” Or what if you are something like the EMS that responds to emergencies of cartoon characters? ” with a comment on Canvas. This TOTALLY made me rethink my final project, … Continue reading

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