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A Day in the Life of your Character

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Record a day in the life of your host character. Using your character's voice and Audacity, explain what happens during their typical day. Where do they work, what do they eat, who do they live with? Try to make it at least one minute long.

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A Day In The Life Of Your Character

For this assignment, I got a little lost, but maybe ended up found again? I was trying to create an audio recording of the character I created for one of this week’s assignments. I wanted it to be the one I took from the archetype bank because I had already …

Saiph’s 24 Hour Day

Saiph’s 24 hour trip to America.

I started this 3 1/2 Star assignment first at and searched for sounds that would tell my story without vocals. I downloaded the files and then imported them into Audacity. After a bit of editing I was able to create a sound …

Donnie Rejj: Mind Wipe Flash Back

This was sad. I figured that I had already established my character as a pretty rough individual so this was an attempt to humanize him and make him seem not so much like a serial killer bad guy and the conflicted protagonist I really was looking for and I …

A Day in the Life of my Character

This assignment was also a little difficult.  I struggled with editing it to make it flow better.  This assignment also helped me understand my character much better.  This allows me to use him better in other assignments.

A Friendly Talk With The Sheriff Starring Mr. Crawlston


Pretty quick and easy, I created a short script and went through it. I tried my best to have different accents, but after several tapings I still realize that both characters sound similar. I took several sounds from to help fill it out more and mixed them …

Shot’s life

For this assignment my character Sally “Shot” talks about her daily life and what she does. It’s nothing too fancy as she puts it. She talks about getting up and ready for work but not until the kids are in school since she works late into the night most nights. …

A day in the life of Talie the cowgirl

I completed this audio assignment based on my western themed character. Earlier this semester we created a character that would fit into the western theme. As such, the character I created is a western cowgirl named Talie. You can read more about here here. But, for this assignment she …

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A Day In The Life Of Your Character

What a process.

So this is the first time I have EVER done anything with audio.



I surprisingly love audio much more than I do visual. Audacity was tough to use but it was MUCH easier than photoshop. Plus I feel like you can tell …