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Acrostic Pictures

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Submitted by: Casey Ragghianti

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Acrostic Picture

Make an acrostic poem collage.  Use each letter from your name and go onto flickr and search for a picture that represents you.  Then you any photoediting to make it a collage.

Edit it to make it fun and creative.  See if people can figure out what your name is!

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Acrostic Pictures

Below I will explain why I chose each word: 

Law for L: I plan to be a lawyer and go to law school!

Adventurous for A: I really enjoy hiking and doing things on a whim so I felt like this was fitting. 

Unique for U: well, I could not …

Layla in Acrostic


Can you see it?…

Visual Assignment- Acrostic Picture

For this 2 point assignment, I used pictures from my curio cabinet to form my name.  It was a little hard to find all the letters, but I think it turned out well.

Acrostic Photo Poem

I chose this assignment because I felt I could be creative with it. I chose the first picture because during my childhood I had never been to the beach living in western Pennsylvania and my parents were more like the age of your grandparents so traveling wasn’t really in the …

Just Call Me Missing In Action

Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?

My last 3 stars are going towards my Acrostic Poem.

I wanted to use three words that had meaning to me, but may not be understood by others right away. I chose the words Mermaid, Island, and Airplane.

The …

What’s in a name?



For my first visual assignment of the week, I chose the visual acrostic, which requires using pictures that represent each letter of your name. I chose to use make this post through my noir character. One of the qualities of my character is that he is a …

Look at the picture and take a wild guess!

For the second Visual Assignment, I chose to create an Acrostic Picture. To start the project I made a list of all of the things I liked that started with all of the letters in my name. I searched on Flickr for all of the pictures and narrowed it …

The Story of Me

An acrostic poem style collage consisting of a few of my favourite things including activities and food. Enjoy!


Here is another collage used with the letters of my name to represent who I am. I am all of these descriptions and I am proud of it.…


A- Artistic: I love to create art especially paintings. L- Laughter: I love to laugh and smile. I am an optimistic and positive person. I- Imagination- I love to imagine the possibilities. A- All about family- I love my family. We are really close.

Visual Assignment 946

Acrostic Poem Collage

Amie in Pictures.

Make an acrostic poem using pictures from the internet. The pictures are supposed to be significant to you.

Guess “My Name” Collage

Ds 106 Visual Assignment Activity

For this Visual Assignment, I had to create a collage that indicates my name, while describing my personality and who I really am. Hope you can guess my name, because this is an easy givaway! Enjoy!…

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