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All Me in the Scene

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Create audio for a scene where you play all the roles with different voices and characteristics.

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Heather’s Podcast with the Crazy Cat Lady, Joann

This was so much fun! As a crazy cat lady myself it was fun to play the dog person and the cat person. I love both so it was fun!!!

The assignment wanted you to be two people in one story. So I made a fake podcast with myself and …

No Rest for the Wicked

All Me in the Scene 3 Stars

This assignment was to create a story using only my voice for all the roles! I am using this to show what happens to my character Melody when she tries to go the bar for drink and some chaotic solitude.

The first …

All Me In A Scene

This was so embarrassing. I’m able to do accents but the voices of men allude me. I just sound like a really deep voiced woman. My voice is already kind of low so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. But a male Russian? Geez. I pick the worst …

Lasso The Moon

Audio Assignment:

All Me in the Scene 3★

I decided to do this scene because I thought it would be fun to recreate a scene from one of my favorite movies. It took me a while to think of a scene I would love to do. When I decided on …

All in One scene

This assignment is worth 3 stars. I changed this one up too. I was trying to put this off recording because I have really bad cold. I am so nasally. I cant make any other sound but a deep man voice… UGH! I really wanted to put this info into …

Mimsy Borogoves

“All Me In The Scene” was a fun audio assignment where you do all the voices.  In this poem by the great nonsense writer Lewis Carroll, I was the narrator as well as the old man congratulating our hero on a job well done.  I attempted to add some drama, …

Another Day at the Adventurer’s Shack!

Alright here is a short audio clip of the adventurer’s shack. Creating this simply required my mic, my computer’s sound recorder, and a quiet area. I also had to pull to different voices to act out a scene (I’m not too good at making different voices so it might …

All Me In The Scene… Season 2 Ep 4 Nick & Frank

In this audio assignment, I am to reenact a scene in which I play all the characters parts. (3 stars)  I wanted to use an episode from The Wire, so I decided that I would use the episode in which Frank and Nick have a discussion overlooking the port.  This …

All Me In Narnia

This is my version of part of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, for the All Me In The Scene assignment. I used audacity to record the audio, and I obviously did the reading.


Twilight Zone Monologue

For this assignment I read out the opening monologue from the episode “It’s a Good Life.” Nothing too fancy here, just a plain old recording.

Stars: 4 audio…

All me in the Twilight Zone

For this assignment I played the roles of the doctor and nurse from the “Eye of the Beholder” Twilight Zone episodes.  They are having a conversation about the ugly hospital patient.  I recorded and edited this in Audacity.

Difficulty: 4 stars


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