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All the Relaxation

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I'm sure you've listened to those longs videos of relaxing sounds that can be played for 10+ hours. Now it's your turn to give it a try! Create something relaxing, with layered sounds, and some spontaneous sounds! It doesn't have to be 10+ hours long, but something that could be on repeat for that long. Put in all of your favorite relaxation sounds, even if they don't match! Just have fun with it!

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All the Relaxation

All the Relaxation

Cowbells and relaxation

Seeing this assignment made me so excited, because every night I play some sort of white noise to help me fall asleep.

I used to find my 5 different relaxation sounds and Audacity to import them. I used cowbells, 2 different types of relaxation music, piano music, and waves …

All The Relaxation…

Relaxation music comes in all forms. There is some really bad relaxation music and some that work really well. In this assignment, I am combining all of my favorite relaxation sounds into one to make the ultimate relaxation audio. I like the idea of using various sounds to create an …

Time to Relax

For one of my assignments from the assignment bank this week I chose “All the Relaxation”. This assignment challenged us to put together a piece containing some of the sounds that we find most relaxing and could listen to for hours on end. I decided to use garage band since …

Relaxing Sounds v. Auditory Hell

For my second Audio Bank assignment, I chose All the Relaxation. This assignment asked the creator to create a collaboration of sounds that could be looped to create a relaxing background noise. I used for my sounds and Garage Band to complete the assignment.

In my last assignment …

All the Relaxation

I knew I needed to do this Audio Assignment because it asked me to create my own layered relaxation sound track. I love ASMR and use a sound app to fall asleep so I really loved this challenge.
I pondered what layered sounds I would want to hear to relax …

Imagine You’re On the Beach…

Close your eyes…and listen to this 2.5 star audio assignment.

My inspiration for this was spa-style massage music. I can think of no more relaxing place than the beach.

This was pretty simple to make. I used to find ambient sounds and music that would fit together. To me, …

The sounds around

For this audio assignment about relaxing sounds I decided to record the sounds around me while I sat in the UC. Sometimes I find that background noise can be quite relaxing. I recorded myself writing as well to capture the noise of my pencil on paper. This is a recording …

Week 7 Audio Assignments

All The Relaxation 2.5

Create a Place 4
Emotions Through Sound 4

(i had uploaded this to sound cloud and was immediately copyright claimed, i obtained all my audio from so i am disputing it, for now, here is the mp3

It had taken me …

All the Relaxation

Hey there everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, to finish up my final 2.5 stars for the week, I went and tried my hand at creating a relaxing beat that could be ‘looped for ten hours’. I hope that when you hit play, you hear something that you think …

All The Relaxation

For this assignment, we were to make a relaxing audio loop/ 10 hour video rip off. I chose to work on an old ambient loop that I made a few years ago and this is what came out! All of the sounds are made using synths, there are no audio …

Take Time to Relax

I chose to do the Relaxation Noises Assignments, and in addition to sharing my audio file with you, I wanted to share with you the sounds I chose and why they relax me:

Rain: Everyone loves the sound of rain, it’s soothing and is the perfect background noise that isn’t …

Calming Sounds

For the final star, I created a short audio clip of calming sounds. I included beach waves and birds, which is what I immediately think of when I think of calming sounds. I also added some different instruments, including one that I have never heard of and cannot identify.

I …

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