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Animated Magazine Cover

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Submitted by: Jim Groom

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Animate a magazine cover. Preferrably one with monstrous cyclops pounding on dragons.

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Submissions So Far

Animated Magazine Cover

Well, this took a lot longer than I expected. I think it’s pretty ok even with the hair bouncing around a bit but that’s because I got lazy. Whoops. My least favorite part of this was my attempt to recreate the clouds in the background. Basically I took the Doctor…

GQ’s Newest Man of the Year Abides

It’s bad form, I know, but I can’t stop doing my own awesome assignment for Animating Magazine Covers. Although I blame this one on Paul Bond, whose animated cover of Parenting featuring a heart-to-heart between Jack and Danny Torrance inspired me to go back to this animated GIF by IWDRM…

A shining example of parenting

Inspired by Groom’s animated magazine cover, I decided to try my own. I thought of those creepy Jack Nicholson GIFs from The Shining, and how they really belong on the cover of Parenting magazine.
So I did a search for Shining GIFs to find the right one, then did an…

Electronic Games Animated Magazine Cover

As soon as Jim created this assignment and seeded it with his terrific Famous Monsters of Filmland animated magazine cover, I knew I had to do it.
This is cover of the first issue of the fan magazine Electronic Games published in the Winter of 1981. Nightrob has a great…

Firewalk with Me

I decided I wanted to do a design assignment today, so I started browsing the Assignment Repository. There’s so much great stuff in there (although I do think some of our “Design” assignments need to be re-categorized as “Visual” assignments). I settled on Alternative Book Cover. 
To get inspiration, I…

Famous Monsters of Filmland Cyclops Animation

I bring you this so I can share the tutorial for creating an animated magazine (or movie poster) that is to soon follow. This is a brand new ds106 design assignment, and you can find it here. Now back to polishing off the tutorial—it’s actually a lot easier than you…

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Tutorials So Far

Animated Magazine Cover Tutorial for Photoshop

Below is a 10 minute screencast outlining how to create an animated magazine cover using Photoshop. Thanks go to Ben Rimes for the inspiration as well as to Melanie for the perceived need. I’ll be doing another one for GIMP shortly, but the same general logic applies for both applications,…