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Averaged Portrait

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Submitted by: Ashleigh Duque

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Take multiple photos of a friend or of yourself, then compile and average all of the photos in Photoshop to create an unconventional portrait. Have fun with the poses and setting of your pictures! Learn how to average layers in Photoshop with this YouTube video. This assignment was inspired by Averaging Concepts Using Flickr.

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Submissions So Far

Averaged Portrait (Dancer)

Since I usually kind of manipulate what the assignment is asking for I decided to make this not a portrait, but rather full body shots of a friend of mine dancing. Originally I was going to have each image on top of each other and create a circle effect, but …

Averaged Portrait

This assignment made me laugh. Here is about 10 layers of pictures of myself merged into one picture. Again, I used the Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle app for MacOS to create this image. I did not like that it does not look like as many portraits as it is. …

That’s Not Ferris

For my visual assignment I did Averaged Portrait which is rated 3 stars. For this I had to create a unconventional portrait. I decided to do Matthew Broderick from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This movie was made in 1986. This movie is about a guy named Ferris who skips a …


Here I am presenting my work which I named Perplexed. My reason behind the name is that in our everyday life we have to make choices. The perplexity occurs when we try to foresee if we are making the right choices or not for ourselves and for the people around us.

Averaged Portrait (Visual)

This unit is all about improving the photography skills I may or may not have. Personally, I know how to use a DSLR camera for most basic things and obviously know how to use my phone camera too.

For this assignment, I had to use the assignment bank to create …

The Eyes Have It

I cheated a little bit by not using Photoshop, rather I have an app for photo editing where layering photos is an option so I just used that instead of tear my hair out over Photoshop.  In total there are five shots to this piece thought you can’t see all …

Self Portrait

So, things got weird with this one. I stumbled upon Averaging Concepts Using Flickr and decided to try it since I’d never averaged a photo before. But instead of using pictures found on Flickr, I thought it might be worth it to use a bunch of self portraits. I created …

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