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Submitted by: Jonah Helbling

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Design doesn't NEED to get difficult or require brain power! Have fun with it and be creative! Maybe use a couple design principles if you'd like but for this assignment I want you to time travel back to your childhood OR maybe even the now if you still play! Hop on a game like Mincrecraft or other free world games that allow building and design your very own Cottage, Tiny House, or even a mansion if you want to go all out! This should be fun and relaxing but still put some effort in! Enjoy! 

(try building in full survival if you have the time and want the challenge) 

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Minecraft Cottage: Remix

All the way back in January, I created a cozy, little cottage in Minecraft. While I liked the alien twist I put on it at the time, it needed an update.

The original cottage

This time, I went for a more classic style. I have watched a lot of …

Minecraft Cottage

I love Minecraft. It has been my obsession since I downloaded it last July. So, when I saw a design assignment to build my own cottage in Minecraft, it was a no-brainer.

This is actually the second creative mode build I have ever done. Back in middle school, I created …

Extreme Home Makeover: Minecraft Edition

Unlike you in this class who play Minecraft, I didn’t create my first world 8 or 9 years ago. I didn’t buy the game until about 10 months ago, when I needed a break from cramming and I hadn’t had a creative outlet for awhile. At first I did a …

Cubic Creation

Back to Basics!

When seeing this assignment, I was INSTANTLY drawn to it because of my experience with video games and how they have been my biggest creative outlet for much of my life. I wanted to do something related to Bob Ross somehow, so I found a Bob Ross …

Assignment Bank

This week, we were assigned to pick 3 projects from the DS106 assignment bank. I chose to do a video assignment, gif assignment, and a design assignment. At first I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to do based on its …

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