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Beat Craig’s List

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Submitted by: Tom Woodward

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Craig's List has some really interesting language choices in many of the ads, especially in the free section.  Find an ad that feels lyrical and odd enough to engage you.  Record it like a Beat poem. Add in jazz accents.  If you're feeling really aggresive analyze your work as if it were intentional poetry.

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Help Make Me Famous!

This assignment worth 2 stars was one of the most fun assignments I’ve done so far. I first had to find a Craigslist ad that would be the basis of my audio recording. Browsing through the different ads posted on Craigslist was a very interesting process.  The ad I chose …

–Gecko For Your Soul~?–

So this was a fun assignment! XD

This Audio Assignment Bank project is titled “Beat Craig’s List” (2 stars). I had to take an add on Craig’s List and say it in a smooth jazzy way. I got the background music off of Soundcloud and its called Lover’s …

Craigslist Beat Poet Haikus

2 stars

For the remainder of my audio assignment stars, I did the Beat Craigslist assignment, where we read a Craigslist ad that has interesting wording, and then record it like a beat poem.

I love Craigslist. The majority of furniture in my house was obtained from the free section …

Beat Craig’s List

This assignment was to find an ad on Craig’s List and record it like a beat poem, adding jazz accents. This is the ad that I found about a broken tv:

I found some jazz accents on and uploaded it into audacity. Then I recorded myself reading the ad. …

All you can take Cactus- Audio Assignment 942

Trolling Craigslist is always fun, so the first audio assignment listed on Week 5′s page immediately jumped out at me.  Off I went to the local Craiglist “free” section and found this lovely post:

Sounds strange enough to me!!  Why anyone would want to take on such an awful job …

Twelve Pounds of Peanut Shells

I was able to squeak out another audio assignment today for the zone. While it isn’t Twilight Zone based, sometimes reading Craigslist can feel like its own alternate universe.

I chose to beat Craigslist because…well, because finding a ridiculous post was pretty fun. I made sure to stick …

Pure Poetry

The second audio assignment I chose this week was called Beat Craigs List, in which I was supposed to find a Craigslist ad and record it as though it were supposed to be a poem.  I after checking out some ads in the local page, boy did I find …

Beat a Bike | 3 Stars

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Over the span of this assignment stretch, you must complete 5 points of audio assignments from the audio category in the Assignment Bank.


Beat Craigslist


This assignment seemed so silly when I read it, I just HAD to do it.

I was right.


I …

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