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Body Image Book Cover Design

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Submitted by: Sarah Elnaggar

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This is a cover for a book that I made which talks about Body Image and how it effects us physically and psychologically.

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Week 5: Assignment Bank

I Can’t Eat This
Body image is a very serious topic because people can’t enjoy their food or life because they are always worried about what to eat or what people think about them eating something like a bacon cheeseburger. I chose to show someone holding up a sad face…

Body Image Book Cover

I decided to create a body image book cover centered towards females. I picked a background color of purple, created the title to Be Your Beautiful Self, and sketched a curvy female body. I wanted it to be a simplistic looking book cover, but still have a strong purpose. I …

Book Cover Design

I work in managing aquatics and honestly, I can’t tell you how much stupid stuff happens at the pool specifically with chemicals. I am continuously baffled by the lack of common sense I witness, with that in my mind I created the following book. Again I am really bad at …

My First Book

For this assignment, I did quite a bite of planning before putting it all together. I looked through many different types of pictures to put on the cover. I finally made up my mind with this one; I loved the way it outlined a natural woman’s body. Then I …

Photography of a #BodyPosi

I think body positivity is something that hits home for me, as I assume it would for many women especially. The constant societal expectations to have the perfect body is so exhausting to have on one’s shoulders. Men experience it too, but being a woman, I see it from the …

Body Image Perception

For this 5 star assignment I chose to design a book cover about body image. Just like my last design assignment I created this book cover on Canva. If you were to read this book it would be about why people feel over exaggeratedly dissatisfied with how there body …

Power To The Body

The first assignment of the week (5 stars) was to create a book cover with design in mind. The book cover had to be about Body Image. First, I fund clip art of a girl looking in the mirror and seeing a fat version of herself. I picked this because …

Body image book cover

Hey everyone! Welcome to week 5 of #DS106. We are getting into design. For my first 5 star design assignment of the week, I have taken the challenge of creating a body image book cover. Personally, I have always been more drawn to books with covers that are not all …

Introducing My New Book!

That’s right! You read that right. Introducing my new book How To Love Yourself In A Society That Tells You Otherwise, an Amazon best-seller.

To create this assignment, I looked for an image that represented what I wanted to have as my book cover and then opened the image on …

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Body Image Book Cover Design

The “Body Image Book Cover Design” is a design assignment where you create a book cover about body image. Body image issues are huge and relevant in today’s society because of social media, so I made the book cover that I did. Social media affects many people’s views about their …