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Make a poster an advertisment of some sort for a camp or summer activity that you enjoyed as a child. If you didn't go to any camps as a kid, make a poster for a camp you wish you had attended. 

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Submissions So Far

Happy Campers

Camp Poster

When I see the opportunity to create a fun and/or nostalgic poster, I jump at the opportunity. I’ve absolutely loved graphic design for years and recently started using Canva to create some professional looking posters. This assignment really spoke to me on a personal level for more than …

Apocalypse Training Camp

The prompt

The poster:

I only ever did Girl Scout day camps when I was younger (most of them at Algonkian Regional Park) but I thought something with a more intense theme than “animals” or “princesses” would be cool. I’ve started thinking more about the apocalypse and what I would …

Visual Assignment: Camp Poster

I never had the chance to go to a summer camp as a kid. My parents worked pretty hard to shelter us from the dangers of the outside world. Now that I’m an adult myself I can understand that they were concerned for my safety and well being, especially being …

dance camp

Camp Poster Assignment: 3.5 stars 

When I saw this assignment in the bank, I immediately thought of dance camp. I grew up dancing (you probably know by now if you’ve read my photoblitz post), so I thought this would be the perfect poster to make for this assignment. The name …

What Happens at Dance Camp…

So when I was younger, I always did a summer dance camp. I was highly involved and participated in a lot of groups. For this visual assignment, I wanted the poster to be a bit retro to fit the theme of the class. I chose a picture that would help …

Come join DS106!

For this remixed assignment the whole purpose was for us to come up with an advertisement for DS106. I wanted to add the storytelling element of the assignment while also incorporating our theme. This was a fairly simple remix assignment as it was only worth 1 star. Here is the …

Spy Camp!

Directions: Make a poster an advertisement of some sort for a camp or summer activity that you enjoyed as a child. If you didn’t go to any camps as a kid, make a poster for a camp you wish you had attended.

I never went to camp as a kid, …

Camp Poster

3.5 stars

I have always wanted to go to a rock climbing camp. Nothing interest me more then free climbing. The adrenaline, the thrill, the risk. Love it. So if I had a choice I would spend a week learning to free climb, I don’t even care how dangerous. …

Come to Snyder’s Lake Camp!

For my second assignment this week I decided to make a camp poster for a camp I used to go to. In this case, I used to go to Snyder’s Lake Camp in North Greenbush, New York! To create this assignment I first found one of the only pictures of …

Week 2 – Daily Creates, Assignment Bank and Customizing my Blog

The Daily Creates

This was fun and interesting to see what the “create of the day” challenge on Twitter was going to be. I was impatient waiting for the next days create, I am not a very patient person. The three “create of the day” that I chose were, Can …

Wilderness Camp! Fun for all!

Secret Agent Summer Camp

I did this assignment to go along with the secret agent theme of the class. I liked the black and white background, as it was mysterious, and I picked the red font so it would pop. Plus, the red reminds me of lasers a secret agent would use.

BLACKSMITH CAMP (based on a true story)

(credit: Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing)

My first visual assignment for this week was the 4-star “Camp Poster”. The really, really cool thing about the photo background?? It’s meeeeee! I took a shield-making class at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing last February, and the jewelery-making teacher came around and took photos …

Week 1 Assignment Bank


I choose to do the camp poster assignment in the visual category and it was worth 4 stars! It asked for me to create a summer camp I wish I could have gone to when I was a child and I would have loved to gone away to camp …

Creating Camp Poster

I this visual assignment Creating Camp Posters  (4 stars) I learned how to take poster making to the next level. This poster is special because I am created for my story. First I googled “space” pictures using google.

I then took a screenshot and of the image, and opened it …

Chasing star’s

Are we there yet? I think I really just did to many stars this week I think that I am actually seeing stars right now. This post is the 4 star challenge something like the bucket challenge I guess. For the “Challenge me” I decided to create a camp poster …

When Pet Friends Become Food

9 year-old Isabella LOVES and ADORES her chickens. They aren’t just her pets, they are her very best friends! Every afternoon, Isabella goes outside to talk and play with her chickens. There isn’t anything in this world that makes Isabella happier than her pet chickens do. Look at that smile! …

Calling All Archers!

For the assignment, I had to create a poster for a camp I went to. To incorporate my character and Sophia’s character, Rose, I decided to create a little backstory for the friendship hinted at in our Radio Show. When we were younger, Rose and I both attended archery camp …

Summertime is finally here!

Just kidding! But there is a new ad up for a new camp out in Tombstone, Arizona! That’s right! Two of the Gals of the West have teamed up to put on a summer camp filled with blasting bullets and having a great time. Sally (aka Shot) and Angus both …

Talie and Agnus’s Horseback Riding Camp!

This week I chose to complete this visual assignment. This assignment required me to create a visual/poster to advertise a type of camp that I enjoyed when I was younger. As such, when I was younger I loved horses and I was able to attend many horse riding camps. …

Camp Poster

This is a Visual Assignment and its worth 3 and a half stars! For this assignment I worked with The Spooky Sisters which is also known as Britney and Ashley from the radio show. The assignment is to make a camp poster. For our idea which actually came together by …

Camp Poster

Another assignment to showcase the host characters is this Camp Poster project.  Would you attend a Fortune Telling Camp with Esmerelda?

All About Camp!

As a child, every summer I attended Camp Thunderbird in Chesterfield, Virginia. I’m definitely not the outdoorsy type, but every summer it was the activity I looked forward to the most. Camp Thunderbird is a great all day camp. During the day, you do anything from archery, to horseback riding, …

Campy camp posters: A Prisoner106 project

I never went to summer camp.  I didn’t have friends that went to summer camp.  For a while I thought summer camp was just something that existed in tween/YA books to move the plot along.  Parents were out of the picture.  Kids were left to sort out their own problems …

Week 1 Assignment 1 – Camp Poster


Camp poster assignment from ds106 assignment bank…

Visual Assignment: Camp Poster

My camp poster! Enjoy!

Camp Poster: Video Games!

For this assignment I was supposed to create a poster for the camp I wish I attended as a kid. So I thought “what did I do as a kid?” I played a lot of video games, so I went with that. I chose an N64 image since that’s the …

Visual Assignment #1 ~ Bad Math Camp

Make a poster an advertisment of some sort for a camp or summer activity that you enjoyed as a child. If you didn’t go to any camps as a kid, make a poster for a camp you wish you had attended.

This is my poster for math camp. As a …

Usman Ownz 2015-06-22 18:41:54

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Camp Poster Tutorial

Step 1

Download the app on your smart phone by going to the app store and typing the name of the app “TextOnPictures”



Step 2

Open the app, and press start to begin


Step 3

Type the desire text that should appear on the image. Font options …