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Car Chase Commentary

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Submitted by: Tom Woodward

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Take any video. (The worse the video, the easier this is. Look for something with virtually no action. If it's exciting, you'll never keep up.)  Add your voice over as if you were a local TV news anchor attempting to provide color commentary without stating anything overtly factual. Add all the hedge words and banalities that exemplify this kind of coverage.

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Snail Chase Commentary

For my second audio assignment, I did the “Car Chase Commentary” assignment. I knew I had to do something that incorporated my superhero character, and I knew that was going to be a stretch, because none of the audio assignments really lent themselves to that. So, when I came across …

Um… interesting.

I found myself working with the local news outlet to report on traffic conditions in the area. Lo and behold, I managed to find myself face-to-face with an actual car chase! Or, so I thought. Perhaps I got a little carried away.

Hear my wonderful voice here!

And check …

Car Chase Commentary

I love car chases. Who doesn’t? Cops being cops, stupid people being stupid people, a sense of danger. Yeah I hope no one gets hurt in the process but to me it is still fun to watch.

I used audacity to record my commentary while watching the clip but …

Audio Assignment: Car Chase Commentary (3 and 1/2pts)- “The Heroic Cone.”

Making this video was probably one of the most exciting things of my night (and that is not even sarcasm). I searched for “most boring video” on YouTube and found a video of a cone placed on the sidewalk with no movement or action whatsoever. I did the audio narration …

Blog Post #1

For my first DS106 assignment I have done the Car Chase Commentary audio assignment. For this assignment I have taken a Youtube video and put my commentary over it in the form of color commentary that you would see on a local news channel. Please excuse the copious amounts …

Car chase commentary

Well, I am supposed to tell you about my procedures for getting to my artefact. Ain’t nobody……

Like a Car Chase

This project was inspired by a Sklar brothers bit that I heard on the VA Beach AM comedy channel the other day. An edited and condensed version of track 16 is here.

Now on to the assignment . . .

Take any video.1 Add your voice over as …

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