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Celebrity Radio Interview

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You may have seen parodies in which the camera cuts between an interviewee in a real interview and a fake interviewer, for example The Soup's interview with Miley Cyrus about being a vampire ( The nice thing about doing this with audio rather than video is that you're not restricted to using responses from a single interview since you don't have to worry about making it look real. Record yourself asking questions to someone famous, then use audio clips of the celebrity from real interviews as the responses.

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Eminem’s Life during the Apocalypse

This week I created a radio interview with Eminem about his life during the zombie Apocalypse. His life during the zombie apocalypse is very interesting, he became one of the inovators of survival and zombie killing. On Ds106 radio I interview him about his time.

This was done by downloading …

Rob Serling Interview

I decided to interview Rob Serling for my Celebrity Radio assignment.  I downloaded the “Eye of the Beholder” episode, cropped it and added my voice in using Audacity.

Difficulty: 4 stars…

Lebron decision

I found view of the interview between Lebron and Jim Gray of ESPN which lead up to the decision and then I found a clip of Lebron talking about him beating the Knicks recently. Both were found on Youtube. I asked two soft questions and then asked where he was…

Celebrity Interview!

This clip had been playing all over the place, and so I had to do SOMETHING with it. This was a quick assignment (probably don’t deserve the four stars; one feels too generous, actually) but I still like how it turned out.
I used Audition (sprang for it last week)…

DS106 Radio Interview with Lady Gaga

I made this segment for my group’s radio show continuing with our theme of documenting pop music, and I thought some other people might want to try it out. Check out the assignment here. I used clips from various Lady Gaga interviews as well as part of this clip from…

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