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Cinema Mosaic

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Pick a film and create an animated mosaic from a single image (like a poster) or gif (a single moment). Divide that image into a grid – 3 x 3 for a total of nine images. For each portion of the grid add a different moment of the film into a new gif. Tile the new gifs together in a mosaic (tumblr does this well). The resulting set of gifs should alternate between the single image and the various moments.

Inspired by Jet Studio's Cinema Mosaic Tumblr.

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Making a Cinema Mosaic…Frozen Themed

For one of my weekly assignments, I decided that I would challenge myself by completing a five-star assignment that took more time and energy. I decided to go with making a cinema mosaic so that I could learn how to layer and add more aspects to my GIFs. I started …

GIF Mosaic


GIF of me throwing: Shot Put, Discus, Hammer, Javelin, & Weight Throw

This design assignment was supposed to be about a movie poster but I wanted to make it more personal so I changed it a tad. Since I am Mr. UMW, I used videos of me throwing …

Photoshop Gone Rogue

For this assignment the task was to create an animated mosaic about a movie using a single image that then splits up into a grid of 9 different animated GIF images of various scenes in the movie.

My inspiration for this was from the Jaws example on the assignment page …

Don’t Put Baby In A Corner

— Natalie Beyer (@byernatalie) June 30, 2016

I’ve put multiple ways/links to view my cinema mosaic because WordPress won’t let me insert it into my blog post

This assignment was a lot more challenging than any other work I’ve done for DS106 so far. However, it was nice …

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