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Create a Warning Poster

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Create a poster warning people of some sort of danger. It can be a danger that isn't ever present, like the lochness monster, or something really elaborate, like beware falling off of a rhino into a bath of lizards and Shia Lebouf. Have fun with it and get as creative as possible! Gimp or Photoshop are suggested.

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Submissions So Far

Beware the Overlook

This assignment, Create a Warning Poster, requires you to make a poster warning someone about something.

I thought this assignment was a good way to help me develop my digital creation skills, so I decided to give it a shot.

I wanted to make this assignment relate to our …

Ignis On The Loose!

Ignis Prom is still on the loose. Even with the amount of drones running around the city, it’s still been difficult to pinpoint his location, let along his next strike. Imperial authorities have managed to piece together a composite of Ignis from fragmented drone data.

Warning: Bad Wifi Connection!

Background An important part of my daily life is the internet. I use it to do homework, watch my shows, play video games, talk to friends and family, almost everything relates back to the internet. So for #VisualAssignment1549 I decided to making a warning sign about bad wifi connection to …

Sorry Mama Tavia

Blair (my host character) made a warning sign for Mama Tavia.  Mama Tavia is lost and Blair is trying to find her.  However, Blair is concerned because she is afraid Mama Tavia may try to hurt or cause harm to the community.  Please spread the message about Mama Tavia!…


Beware of the Vampires… Only Sally Slaughterhouse can translate what they say!

Using host characters from Grade A Gruesome Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour, I created this Warning poster.  3 stars.…

Week 1 – Assignment 4 – Warning Sign

Visual Assignment: Create A Warning Poster

Hello! My Warning poster is about falling trees! Hope you all enjoy!

Create a Warning Poster: Hipsters

For this assignment I was supposed to create some type of warning poster. So I thought to myself, “what menace to society should I warn my fellow citizens about?” The garden variety hipster seemed like a good choice. The type of person who judges you for daring to listen to …

Designer Donnie

Designer Donnie’s starting to have a nice ring to it. Everyone’s a writer nowadays. Maybe I’ll pick up a new trade. One that’s a bit more lucrative. I never cared for writing novels. That’s where the big bucks are for…
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Buy Blood Be Gone

Watch out! If you purchase blood stain remover from any other company except for No Stain No Problem your eyes will fall out, your toes will shrivel into your body, then your head will explode into a million pieces. So I will leave it up to you, either buy an …


Thought of warning a few of the scoundrels we may pick up during our work.

Stirrup Trouble will turn your world upside down, and pull all the skeletons out of your closet if we need to. Being a widower, I don’t want to see any relationship take a wrong turn. …


I made a warning poster for the maNIORpulators! (3 stars) I thought some people should get a fair warning to watch out for us. Hopefully it will keep some more men in-line.

I made it on Word, using wordart and importing our logo and pictures.

It was really easy and …


Little warning poster I did for the NNTF show

Hit Me Warning Poster

3 Stars

This has been a warning brought to you by the Hit Me Agency. Keep your eyes out, and trust no one.

I wanted to make a warning poster for my agency so here it is. I started with the noir themed background. To be there is something symbolic …

Create A Warning Poster

Create a poster warning people of some sort of danger. It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster, or something really elaborate, like beware falling off of a rhino into a bath of lizards and Shia Lebouf. Have fun with it and get as …

Warning Poster

For my second assignment of the week, Cuyler Matteson and I collaborated to “Create a Warning Poster” for 3 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment, Cuyler and I incorporated both of our characters: Billy Steel and Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton. The idea of this poster is …

Warning Poster Assignment- 3 stars

For this assignment Brian Burns and I got together and worked on a visual assignment. This assignment was to create a warning poster for something dangerous. Burns character is Billy Steel who is a vigilante and my character (Micheal Bretton) is a detective. We discussed what we could do for …

Beware Lawrence Spitler Poster

3 stars
Beware of Lawrence Spitler! A true ladies man.

I decided to create a poster about Lawrence after our radio show. In our show, as well as his character description, he is one with the ladies. Has a different woman every night and only leaves tears and heartbreak. All …

Collab: Layla and Damon’s Warning Poster

This assignment required you to create a warning poster for anything. I decided to use this as a collaboration between Jonathan Polson’s noir character and my own. It is a slight continuation of my group’s radio show which can be found here. It ended with Damon and Layla escaping …

Unit 5

Telling Stories in Photos

I listened first to photographer Jason Eskenazi’s video on the art of using photography as a method of storytelling. I never thought of the idea of changing a 3D world to a 2D world – the words “clean, simple, direct” are often not associated with art. …

Beware Texting in Bed!!!





Create A Warning Sign / Poster (3)

Warning! Texting while drozzy will cause concussion and trauma to face!…

Warning Poster

Assignment can be found here:

Here is a warning poster that I have created for the visual assignment “Create A Warning Poster”.…

Warning Poster

Because laser sharks are dangerous


Here is the warning sign assignment that is three points. I wanted to do something funny and literal so I took and interesting warning image and explained it literally.

Warning: Now Exiting the Universe

For this assignment, we were asked to create at warning sign for something of our choosing.  I decided to do something relatively goofy and make one of those “danger beyond this point” warning signs, but located at the end of the universe.  I looked up some of those types of …

There is a Danger Hiding in your Computer!

There are so many warning posters out there, so the assignment “create a warning poster” (3 pts) immediately intrigued me. I wanted to create a warning poster for something that doesn’t actually happen (that I know of), and as I was staring at my computer screen for inspiration, …

Warning, Warning, Warning!!!

This warning goes out to all of those that may be working too hard, for them to stop and relax. The only person that can stop this is you.

Create a Warning Poster


For this assignment we were asked to create a warning poster for something elaborate and/or never present. This was my creation!

Survivors Will Be Bit Again!

This Visual Assignment is worth 3 stars. It is all about Creating a Warning Poster. Basically what you had to do is create a warning poster for whatever you wanted. I decided I was going to make one that was posted outside of my character Blair’s house. I had …

30 Days Without an Accident

Visual Assignment:

Create a Warning Poster

I chose this assignment because I saw so much potential for it. So, I figured I would make a warning for one of my favorite subjects…


So I present to you the final product…

So for this assignment I looked up zombie pictures …

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Tutorials So Far

Beware the Bunyip!

So, for this assignment, I had to create a wanted poster. In the assignment description, it says that “It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster”, which is absolutely perfect for this theme. I decided to go with the bunyip, as I mentioned it in …

Warning Poster Tutorial

For the Create a Warning Poster assignment, I’d recommend using PowerPoint. I find it to be easy to work with, and use it frequently for this type of work. First, change the format so the slide is aligned vertically. If you can’t figure that part out, don’t sweat it. It’ll …