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Create your own business card

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Submitted by: Lauren Brumfield

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We're reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.

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Submissions So Far

Jazzercise Instructor

The next design assignment that I decided to do was create your own business card. In this assignment, I had to create a business card for some sort of business that I had or wanted to have.

When thinking about what I wanted to somehow connect it to the …

Create Your Own Business Card!

I included my secret agent, Margaret Delatour, into this assignment. She owns a marina, so I made a business card for her marina, Marina du Soleil. I went to a business card website and had to go through and find a background that I thought was good. I thought this …

Here’s My Card….

For this assignment the task was to create a business card.

Whenever I think of business cards I think of this scene from The Dark Knight. Image from here.


My inspiration for this assignment was from my Photography work which I actually needed to create a business …

Call When Needed

Although I do not have any services to offer at the moment, I have created a business card (2 stars)  for the time when I do need one.

The original assignment says to use Photoshop but I don’t have access to that so I used which is essentially the …

Bow Barista;

I am the bow barista; I wear hairbows to work! It’s my hashtag on instagram. Why not make a business card (2 Stars) for myself?

To start, I opened CS2 and played with ratios till I got one that looked like a business card. I typed my name in the …

Create your own business card

Eventually after graduation I think I would have a card similar to this, without the fake information. It’s simple, bold  (if made on bonded paper with texture) and conveys what i am trying to convey. That is, I am not wasteful.

Professional Student Sean

Hello!  I am Sean Doud and I’m about to begin a new chapter in my life for the next year, Professional Student.  I’m so close to finishing and I can graduate by May 2016.  Check out my Business Card.

For this Assignment, I used word and added a table, …

Jones & Callaway

Hello, Lukas here. It’s April 5th, 2015 and I’m here to launch a new company. After everything that happened in the late 40s, I wanted to do something good. I met a guy called Christopher and he seems to know what he is doing. We’re gonna help people. We plan …

Create Your Own Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card-2pts

For this assignment I made business cards for House of Noir; Getaways I made them on Microsoft publisher and left the title blank so I could forward them to my co-workers so they could put their names on it and have it for their …

Business Card- 2 stars

This is my business card for O.L.D. Agency. I used Photoshop to put together the moon image and the Edward and Vladmir font.

I think our business is an interesting type of business. You can email/call when you need some help with internet evils. That is what we are here …

Hit me up!

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Create Your Own Business Card that was submitted by Lauren Brumfield.

The assignment is to,” create your own business card to advertise who you are.” The assignment is worth 2 points.

I picked this assignment because I …

Looks like Jack is looking for a job!

Along with the resume, Jack has made business cards to hand out as well! looks like Jack is moving up in the world!

Here’s my Card.

I loved commenting on other people’s business card assignments, so I decided to complete the “Create your own business card” assignment for myself (2 pts). I really liked how everyone had different colored backgrounds on their cards, but I decided to make my card more simple like a …

The Vixen Vigilante Hires Caterina Loveless.

This week, I was contacted by none other than the Vixen Vigilante herself! It was quite an experience to converse with this mysterious foxy femme, even if it was just over the phone. Though she is keeping me from revealing too much, I can say that her reasons for reaching …

John Brown’s business card

As John Brown is starting his own agency, he thought that he would need a business card to give out. So, by using create your own business card (2 points) assignment, I made him one.

I tried to make simple as possible, because John likes simple thing. I used only …

Hit Me Agency Card

2 stars

Veronica Smith “The Boss” of the new agency Hit Me. If you don’t know what we are about then you don’t need our services.

The creation of our agency’s card was simple. I found the background image online and felt it would be a nice design. Our …

Stirrup Business Card (2 stars)

I think my application to Stirrup Trouble got accepted! I received a business card in the mail, which is huge because they keep their headquarters address and phone number secret from the general public. It make it easier to sift through cases and avoid drama and angry ex’s. So I …

Vacuum Cleaners SUCK

Well. For this new agency, I decided I needed a business card. I’m a VIP and obviously need something that says so. Not only am I the Stain Queen, I am also the Manager of this place. Get on my level. No Stain, No Problem is ready for YOUR mess! …

So Official

2 stars – Business Card for the Agency

With the new agency developing, we’ve been trying to get set up as best as we can while making everything super official. Nothing too fancy but I’ve been getting into making the designs and getting the word out about our agency. Say, …

Agency Business Card

This is a 2 Star assignment to create a Business Card for my Agency.  Here is Red’s new card.  I used PowerPoint to create it and duplicated our Agency Logo on the bottom.

Business and Cards

For my third collaborative character assignment I chose to do the “Create Your Own Business Card” assignment worth two points. I started this assignment by going to and using one of their business card templates. This assignment was a little tricky to collaborate with Sebastian Crane. My inspiration might …

Johnny Ain’t Messin Around

For the last assignment I collaborated with Jack Eaton on, we decided to do a business card. Our two characters have a really good story going and so I thought it would be fun to do a Lenny’s Hitman Service Business card. The business card was created in photoshop. We …

The Sleuths’ Business Card

I had already completed the bad guy business card assignment, so I was inspired to create a business card for the Steadfast Sleuths as well. I adapted the Create Your Own Business Card assignment to fit this week’s objective of having all of the assignments relate to multiple noir106 characters. …

Sardic’s Business Card

This is for the Create Your Own Business Card design assignment.  The assignment itself was very straight forward, and left a lot of room to play around with.  It was the perfect thing to do for my noir character though, since he’s a practicing private detective.  So I designed the …

MaNOIRpulators Business Card

3 stars

Business card assignment

Do you think your man is cheating on you? Do you want to test it out to make sure he is being faithful and won’t fall for two extremely beautiful women? Well, we have the company for you. For a flat fee, we will make …

I’m almost a grown up

UGH. UGH. UGH. The other day, my boss asked me to go to a networking event for “DC political young professionals” so I could “make some connections before graduation” and I just cringed. I don’t like hearing that word anymore. He also mentioned that I should make business cards. I …


This is the Business Card assignment that is two points. I thought it would be fun to expand on my character’s universe. I chose to discuss the business that ultimately runs his life. They are called Aquia Maxius. I explain a little more about this in my word post.


Shirley is Bringing in the Business

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Create Your Own Business Card that was submitted by Lauren Brumfield.

The assignment is to,” create your own business card to advertise who you are.” The assignment is worth 2 points.

I picked this assignment because I …

James… Julia James

As part of the twelve stars required for design assignments this week, six needed to be devoted to our noir characters. Considering the nature and profession of my character, “Jewel”, the “Create your own business card” assignment was ideal. The assignment states: We’re reaching a time in our lives where …

Need a Writer?

Call Donnie. 

I made this business card out of Bristol Board measured to Vignelli’s specifications, A8 card size of 52 x 74mm.  I used a calligraphy pen for the simple design of his “handwritten” signature accompanied by an ink well and calligraphy pen.

I’ve had my calligraphy pen sitting around …

Emma’s Business Card

Design Assignment:

Create your own business card 2?

I chose to do this assignment because even though I already had enough points towards my character this was incredibly easy to do.

Everyone in the Boston police department needs business cards, and Emma is not an exception. When she was promoted …

Calling Cards… OF DOOM


I made a business card for 2 stars. I thought I could make a calling card for Delia, since she would be using these in order to get her name out and possibly get into some trouble. I found inspiration in Mary Lou Williams’ business card because of its …

Card Play

I decided to tackle a design assignment today: Create Your Own Business Card which was dreamed up by one Lauren Brumfield in a previous ds106 job.

I wanted to develop a calling card for Bond, Black, Groom and me — we’re getting more and more informal requests for our services …

Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card

We’re reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.

2 Stars!

For this assignment I chose what i want to do later in life and that is open …

Deck of 52

So I was looking around in the ds106 repository, and found this. It’s funny, because I made one during the summer just for fun.

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Tutorials So Far

A Cryptozoologist’s Business Card



For this assignment, I created a business card for my character Maria Segreti. In order to do this, I used the website since I don’t have Photoshop like the assignment says to use and I didn’t want to buy it. To do so, I simply made an …

My very own business card

  I used vista print to create my very own business card! Vista print is very simple and easy to use to create business cards that suit your personality and style. Since I haven’t started my career yet I just listed some information about myself on the card. I listed …