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Create Your Own Magic Cards!

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Submitted by: John Meadows

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So I like to play Magic the Gathering.  I thought it would be neat to try and create my own cards based on characters from tv, movies, etc.  Come up with at least 4 cards based on characters or locations from your favorite show, movie, book, or other story.  To actually create the cards, you can use this Card Generator site.  Aditionally, if you are unfamiliar with the terminology used in magic, you can find the glossary here helpful.  Get creative and make Magic art dammit!

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Collectible Goodfellas

I completed the “Create Your Own Magic Cards” assignment.

I’ve played magic before. I understand enough of it to know that I don’t like playing it. However, I thought it would be amusing to create some trading cards based on the movie Goodfellas.

Using the website I created …

Deadline: Trading Cards

Here is the original assignment.

My favorite novel of all time is The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management by Tom Demarco. This book is about software development, management, and all the politics involved in producing successful software projects.

As a kid, I loved to play the card game …

Macks Magic Cards

This assignment was done with my character in mind.  I had never played Magic the Gathering, but I have played Pokemon and a little bit of Yu-gi-Oh. I thought, how difficult could it be? The answer… Very.  Magic the Gathering is a hard, complicated and confusing game.  It’s as if …

Harry Dresden Magic Card

I play Magic: The Gathering on occasion, and found the “Create your own magic card” assignment amusing because of its creative potential.  Its fun to think of a favorite character’s traits and abilities and distilling those things into stats for a card game.  I chose Harry Dresden, a character from …




MAGIC is in the air! Or rather, Magic the Gathering. I’ve played the game before, so I got a giggle out of the fact that I could make my own cards. I had a lot of fun picking out different character and land cards to make out of classic noir …

Level 10 Muscle

My first assignment in the shoes of Stringer Bell was the “Create Your Own Magic Cards!”. I never noticed this assignment before which leads me to believe that it was just created. This is seriously a fun and creative assignment. Gaming cards of all sorts are fun to read …

I cast legendary creature “Omar”…

Hey guys!  So recently I have gotten back into playing “Magic: The Gathering”.  It is a card game that I used to play in high school, but stopped for a long time.  Several of my friends play now, and I decided to get back into it.  So the basis of …

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